Undercover and Out-Of-Sight


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Talking of censorship, what on earth is going on with TrueVision, UK Channel Four Television or Google with respect to the acclaimed 2008 Dispatches film ‘Undercover in Tibet’? Visitors to sites which formerly presented this video may have noticed that it appears to have been removed. It has also seemingly been displaced from Google Video and YouTube. What is it about this film that requires a blanket removal? Are we talking copyright infringement here? Or is that possible being used as a front for some other, more political, reason? 

The film is rare in that it is one of only a handful of documentaries which examined the issue of forced sterlisations, this one particularly as it featured a Tibetan woman recounting her harrowing experiences from inside Tibet. Many will be aware of  Google‘s past associations with China, which have not always been received favourably, could some pressure have been brought upon them by the film’s producers to pull it? Yet surely a company would not go to such troubles to assemble a powerful film exposing the human rights situation inside Tibet, only to possibly orchestrate its removal from websites and organisations dedicated to the cause Tibet? Having produced ‘Undercover in Tibet’ are TrueVision/Channel Four now content for it to be consigned to some dusty archive out of public view? Such an important and ground-breaking film, which would not have been possible without the sacrifices and courage of Tibetans inside Tibet, demands the widest public exposure as a powerful tool to advance the cause of human rights and freedom for Tibet.

Now that the film has been screened, and is unlikely to be broadcast on any regular basis, the freedom and global reach of the Internet is the most effective and accessible platform to ensure that an international audience is made aware of this issue. Yet for whatever reason, it must be asked if it has been withdrawn, either by Google unilaterally, or seemingly at the behest of the Producers, either TrueVision or Channel Four?

Interestingly, TrueVision were approached by Tibettruth on April 2nd 2008 with a request to feature the section on forced sterilisations upon the website, as it would greatly assist the campaign to increase awareness of this subject. They replied the same day:

—- Original Message —–
From: “True Vision”
Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 1:14 PM
Subject: Undercover Tibet
Thank you for your comments. We will be in touch shortly. Kind regards,
True Vision Team

They never did respond, despite a further email being sent to their offices on April 8, 2008.

They did however manage to include a set of Tibet-related organisations upon their website http://www.truevisiontv.com/tibet/index.htm  apart that is from the only one which is actively researching and campaigining on the subject of China’s coercive birth-control program, Tibettruth.

If you would like to help the appeal to have this film made available on the Internet please email the following:

True Vision tibet@truevisiontv.com

Channel Four International info@c4i.tv

Thanks for your support

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6 thoughts on “Undercover and Out-Of-Sight

  1. You probably already know about the following link. I found the full “Undercover in Tibet” film online and was able to watch it. I guess it was the full-length at 48 plus minutes.

    Thank you for the post that enable me to learn a bit more.

    • Thank you for your comments.

      We note the link you mention, since this original post and our efforts to raise awareness on this we were encouraged to see this film’s eventual return to the internet. It is a vitally important documentary, including as it does coverage of China’s forced sterilization of Tibetan women

  2. joe donnelly says:

    Emailed truevision asking why full version of undercover in Tibet no longer available here is reply from someone called Tash

    “hello there, i am sorry for the inconvenience, our company have not put full film online. not sure if others did. if you would like to buy a copy of DVD, you could get it following link… “

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