Wishing All Our Subscribers, Friends & Supporters A Happy Yuletide

Tibettruth offers best wishes of the season to everyone who has supported our actions for Tibet throughout 2012, it has been another remarkable year of campaigns, research and lobbying. We again challenged the shameful silence of Women’s NGO’s, concerning China’s coercive birth control atrocities, and thanks to fellow activists in New York, were able to lobby, and report, upon the United Commission on the Status of Women’s conference, which continued to callously ignore the plight of countless women in China, Tibet and East Turkestan traumatized by forced sterilizations.

During the past year we were also able to highlight the cases of Tibetan political prisoners, in particular Ms Yeshi Choedon and lobbied to secure the support of the human rights commissioner of the European Union to press the Chinese government on the welfare and rights of such cases. We enjoyed a number of very positive collaborations during the year, providing considerable media and public relations support to the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress. In addition we were actively supporting and reporting on two hunger strikes that were organized by the Tibetan Youth Congress, in New York City and New Delhi, ensuring that the objectives of those actions reached an international audience.

We regularly reported on the exiled Tibetan Administration’s appeasing efforts to encourage the Chinese authorities to continue negotiating a settlement on Tibet, and revealed the degree of compromise and betrayal taking place, in an effort to placate China. Developments which seemed timed and formed to appease further China’s regime and certainly did not reflect the political aspirations of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet, who during the year continued their courageous struggle for their nation’s independence. A central and troubling feature of such resistance has been an ongoing series of self-immolations, which we have been carefully reporting and ensuring that the objectives and demands of those Tibetan martyrs is reported accurately. To that end our many friends on Twitter and Facebook have been exposing media coverage of those Tibetans who self-immolated as featuring China’s propaganda. That action has included an appeal and ongoing lobbying of the Tibetan Center For Human Rights, which consistently features China’s propaganda descriptions of what in truth is Tibetan territory. We have also continued in efforts to challenge Radio Free Asia on that same issue.

In April and March we co-ordinated lobbying action of the Senate, European and UK Parliaments to acknowledge that the struggle waged by Tibetans, as evidenced by demonstrations across Tibet, was for national independence. Efforts continued to report on the silence of environmental organizations regarding China’s nuclear poisoning of Tibet and East Turkestan, with online campaigns to lobby the leadership of both Greenpeace and Friends of The Earth. We also continued to report upon the worrying development within the wider environmental movement, to consider population reduction as a means of addressing climate change. A troubling notion in terms of human rights values, yet one that has attracted the support of some environmentalists, indifferent, and quietly supportive, towards to the vicious atrocities of China’s forced sterilization programs.

Lobbying of National Geographic has continued with many of our subscribers joining our online action to pressure that institution to review its policy of featuring Chinese place-names and descriptions on its maps of Tibetan territories. Another positive action that has run throughout the year has been a lobby of Facebook‘s executives whose social media service denies Tibetans the freedom to select Tibet alone upon their profile. The past twelve months has also witnessed increased success for our Twitter campaign, which has become a major presence for Tibet’s independence, @tibettruth now has 7.400 followers, many of whom have been extremely active on a variety of issues and provided information and news of Tibet on a 24/7 basis. As this year draws to a close we would like to express our sincere thanks to all our friends and supporters who have encouraged and helped , it’s been a an amazing year and your active solidarity has greatly supported our efforts to further Tibet’s true cause, which we look forward to building upon. Meanwhile season’s greetings to all and hoping 2013 brings you happiness, health and prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Wishing All Our Subscribers, Friends & Supporters A Happy Yuletide

  1. Marsha Cole says:

    With Gratitude…
    This Is A Lovely Way To Send Your Good Wishes And It Is Greatly Appreciated! “UnOfficial” Or Not, Your Collective Effort, Support And Dedication Has Made Me Becime A Better Person… I Truly Give You My Heartfelt Thanks… ~Namaste

  2. fortuneblogger says:

    It’s excellent to get a summary of progress of all your efforts during the year. The reisistance campaign is undoubtedly escalating, and awareness of the Tibetan cause is growing. Those who’ve given their lives so bravely won’t have died in vain if Tibet survives and regains its independence. Yours must feel like a titanic struggle, but you have many supporters who will always stand with you. We’ll be thinking of you over the Christmas season.

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