British Silence On China’s Violence Against Women


Currently on Twitter the British Foreign Office (equivalent to the State Department) and its sister organization the Department For International Development (DFID) is trumpeting its commitment to opposing and ending gender-based violence against women. Such declarations are its social media contributions towards the current United Nations Commission On The Status Of Women meeting in New York. Such assertions though have a hollow and hypocritical ring to them when considering that its chief Secretary, William Hague and his Department ignore entirely the issue of forced sterilizations in its Human Rights Country Report On China. Not a single mention of this major violation of women’s human rights, the report, along with the cynical omission of this issue, may be seen HERE

William Hague Silent On China's Forced Sterilization Of Women

William Hague Silent On China’s Forced Sterilization Of Women


We understand that both the Foreign Office and Department For International Development has been presented detailed material on this harrowing subject for many years and are acutely aware of the horrors it inflicts upon Chinese, Uyghur,Tibetan, Mongolian and Manchurian women. These department’s however are more concerned with trade considerations, and appeasing China, to facilitate ‘positive relations’, even at the expense of ignoring the reality of these sickening atrocities.

DFID Head Justine Greening Silent On China's Forced Sterilizations

DFID Head Justine Greening Silent On China’s Forced Sterilizations


Anyone wishing to ask either of these individuals how they justify maintaining a silence on these harrowing violations, while claiming to be dedicated to opposing violence against women,  may contact them on Twitter:

@JustineGreening UK Secretary of State for International Development

@WilliamJ Hague British Foreign Secretary.

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