Runggye Adak Released Yet His Protest Continues To Be Censored By Tibet Support Groups

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Runggye Adak a prominent Tibetan political prisoner, arrested on August 1st 2007 has according to reports from Tibet been released, a development greatly welcomed by all supporting human rights and justice. His case has received international attention and any internet search of his name reveals the extent of coverage and various supportive actions. Indeed Runggye became something of a cause célèbre for Tibet support groups.

It is less well known that from the day of his arrest the courageous action of this Tibetan hero was deliberately misrepresented by organizations supposedly dedicated to the Tibetan cause. So was set in motion a partial and selective truth. Indeed Runggye Adak’s protest was about the return of the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama a call for Tibetan unity along with environmental issues. However groups such as the International Campaign For Tibet chose not to inform the wider Tibetan movement that Runggye had on that day demanded Tibet’s rightful independence. Yet that fact was reported at the time by the Tibetan Center For Human Rights and Democracy, Link Phayul Link and Dossier Tibet Link all respected sources on Tibet.

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So why the omission? Well before anyone cites administrative oversight it may prove instructive for readers to be aware that Tibetan independence is a taboo for the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) and its ‘support group’ friends. So it’s not too difficult to calculate why the demands made by a very brave Tibetan were censored. Despite these being carefully reported and confirmed by the previously mentioned Tibetan news sources, many Tibet support groups erased Runggye’s call for an independent Tibet from their reportage. A video of his protest was also released although whether due to happy coincidence or judicious editing absent from the footage is any reference of Tibet’s independence!

Even as news of his release was announced the International Tibet Support Network, via a website ‘Free Tibetan Heroes‘ while expressing its joy at the news repeated the censored version of his protest.

“When on stage Runggye Adak boldly grabbed the microphone and addressed a crowd of several thousand Tibetans who had gathered for the annual festival. He said: “If we cannot invite the Dalai Lama home, we will not have freedom of religion and happiness in Tibet.” adding that “Eye-witnesses also say that Runggye Adak’s speech called for local Tibetans to stop fighting among themselves about land and water issues..” Source

We salute Runggye Adak’s incredible courage and patriotism, what he has endured is beyond the darkest of nightmares. We respect too and applaud his just demands for an independent Tibet an action that has cost him dearly. Given his sacrifices, the torture and degree of misery he has experienced there many who will  such censorship as a despicable act. That so many folks across the Tibetan scene chose to betray his actions by promoting a falsehood engineered in the safe and comfortable offices of the Central Tibetan Administration, International Campaign For Tibet and International Tibet Support Network is deeply disappointing.

As noted August 6th 2014 by our Facebook page:

Dear Tibetans how would you feel if in occupied Tibet you had decided to protest at a public festival to call for the return of Kundun, to urge unity among Tibetans and to declare support for Tibetan independence ONLY to learn while you are in prison being tortured by the,psychopaths of China’s regime that, in exile, Tibetan organizations were reporting your action BUT had censored any mention of your supportive call for Tibetan independence! That is precisely what happened in the case of Rongay A’drak!

Denial & Distortions Of A Luxembourg Scholar On Tibet

Mr Albert Ettinger

Mr Albert Ettinger


China’s regime has been operating a campaign of ideological warfare on the issue of Tibet since its troops invaded and occupied that nation in 1950. Historical facts have been distorted, fabrications engineered and disinformation promoted, all with the aim of asserting that Tibet has been since ancient times a part of China. See HERE

In an effort to support such bogus claims and add a veneer of supposed objectivity China’s Ministry Of Propaganda has a handful of western academic friends, who from time-to-time compose supposedly truthful accounts of Tibetan history that just by chance happen to conform to the propaganda rhetoric spewed out by the Chinese authorities.

The latest such example being from a Mr Albert Ettinger, which ‘Tibet Online’, an official mouthpiece of the Chinese Regime, describes as a Luxembourg scholar who has recently produced two books that regurgitate the official line of the Communist Party Of China towards Tibet.

His interview with that website is far from the balanced, objective and detached tradition of  academia, indeed the tone’s disturbingly similar to the racism and imperialistic arrogance that saturates the thinking of the Chinese regime on the subject of Tibet. On reading his remarks it is difficult to avoid concluding that we are witnessing the views of an apologist. Some may go further and question if Mr Ettinger is  guilty of actively concealing, evading and rebuking the misery, human rights atrocities, cultural genocide and violent denial of freedom which Tibet’s people have suffered under the tyranny of Chinese rule?

Clearly that individual has some interest in history so being European perhaps the name Harry Elmer Barnes resonates for him. Formerly a mainstream American historian Barnes towards the end of his career adopted a Holocaust-denial stance and became convinced that allegations made against Germany and Japan, including the Holocaust, were wartime propaganda used to justify the United States’ involvement in World War II.

Now no one would seriously consider that Mr Ettinger, no doubt a European dedicated to democratic values, freedom and human rights, as being any form of Holocaust Denier. Yet his willingness to repeat the propaganda claims of a totalitarian regime that has been shown to be guilty of the most appalling oppression and violent denial of human rights casts a perplexing and disturbing shadow.

We are very happy to extend to Albert Ettinger the courtesy of featuring a rejoinder from him on this matter, should he choose, meanwhile for the purposes of balance and to enable our subscribers to reach their own views of Mr Ettinger’s opinions his interview may be seen: HERE

Meanwhile what of the somewhat obscure publishing company that has released his book? According to the Chinese report his works were published by “Germany (sic)  based Zambon Press” this company seems a touch difficult to locate, if anyone can discover their German contact details we’d like to hear from you.

Mr Sunanda K. Datta-Ray Be Advised That Rangzen Is No Myth!

Below is our response to an article ‘The Rangzen Myth’ by Mr Sunanda K. Datta-Ray which appeared in The Asian Age May 25, 2015. Article HERE

The aspiration for an independent Tibet is not represented accurately by being described as ‘myth’. It is a hope and just cause that burns brightly in the hearts of Tibetans, especially those suffering under the tyranny of Chinese occupation.

While there are no doubt considerable challenges to the realization of a liberated and sovereign Tibet being re-established the movement towards such an objective is not helped by a commentary of despair, which while posturing as wise or realistic advice, in truth seems more a message of defeatism.

It is all too easy for those who do not feel the jackboot of a foreign oppressor upon their throat to adopt a position of supposedly informed detachment and realism. No doubt similar voices urged the Irish to face the impossibility of securing national freedom from English domination. Surely Ireland’s freedom-fighters were desperately naive to consider taking on the economic, political and military dominance of their British neighbors?

What of the struggle of the Indian Sub-Continent to overthrow the oppression and injustice of the British Raj, was that rightful cause met with naysayers, denigrated as too simplistic, fractured and deluded?

Indeed there exists a callous, self-interested political elite which cares more about appeasing China and securing trade and maintaining political interests. Such a realpolitik has shadowed the Tibetan issue since 1950 when China invaded and occupied Tibet. However while it is important to recognize the limitations such political self-interest exerts it is equally vital to acknowledge the right of the Tibetan people to strive for the re-establishment of their nationhood. As has been noted elsewhere since the end of the Second World War nearly 100 countries regained their independence, Tibetans, despite the immense obstacles, absence of support from largely corrupted and uncaring governments, should expect no less.

To restore a unified, determined and forceful movement for Tibetan independence, one in solidarity with the courageous resistance of Tibetans inside Tibet is an essential direction for Tibet’s cause. For as has been conceded social and economic forces within China may well at some stage lead to radical change, even the collapse of the vicious insanity of China’s Regime. It would be during such times that Tibetans could most effectively press their legitimate claims for national freedom. In such circumstances to secure such an outcome requires unity, political will and singularity of purpose.

There is only one objective that could bring about for Tibetans such a determined and vigorous solidarity and that is Tibetan independence. In that context any movement or event that seeks to unify Tibetans and further the cause of national freedom should be applauded and encouraged, especially by those who are longstanding friends of Tibet’s people. Unfortunately some of those supporters are not quite as they seem and Mr Sunanda K. Datta-Ray perhaps recalls the controversy that stained the 1990 London International Consultation on Tibet at which the agreed conference statement that acknowledged:

“Where the Tibetan people’s inalienable right to self-determination, statehood and independence continues to be violated..” (Agreed and Circulated Declaration 8th June 1990)

Was mysteriously changed retrospectively to:

“Where the Tibetan people’s inalienable right to self-determination continues to be violated..” (Conference Report 1990)

The mention of Tibet’s independence has long attracted the unwelcome attention of those who prefer the status quo, especially Governments who exercise a policy of appeasement towards China’s regime. That was clearly the case at the conference attended by Mr Sunanda K. Datta-Ray.

Returning to the previous topic, of course the circumstances of a fractured China, in revolt against its tyrannical government has not yet arrived, however a cohesive and assertive campaign for Tibet’s independence is a vital requirement for the here and now. Apart from acting as a counter-balance, by challenging the dangerous compromises offered by exiled Tibetan Administration in its efforts to appease the Chinese Regime, the movement for an independent Tibet exposes and confronts the ideological war waged by China and its bogus claims on Tibet.

The desire for liberty, a dream of a life without oppression and injustice is within the DNA of all peoples. Such aspirations may indeed appear excessively innocent when viewed against the formidable interests of a cynical and greed-driven political mind-set. Yet those who dare to dissent, aspire to freedom and the enjoyment of human rights deserve much more than a counsel of despondency.

Paris Rally To Stand For The Surrender of Tibetan National Identity

Info-graphic by @tibettruth

Paris, France on March 14 is to host an event titled ‘Europe Stands With Tibet’ sounds like a gathering that’s in solidarity with the Tibetan people, right? Wrong! This rally should be more correctly termed ‘A Platform To Promote The Surrender Of Tibet’s Right To Nationhood’ Why so? Well take into account that its been organized and promoted by the Central Tibetan Administration and will feature as main speaker Doctor Lobsang Sangay who will be peddling his message of autonomy under Chinese rule, in the hope of appeasing China.

As with recent Tibetan demonstrations in New York and Dharamsala it is likely that the issue of Tibetan independence will not be welcome, at what we understand is to be tightly restricted and orchestrated meeting. Tibetan communities are being bused across Europe to attend and ensure that this propaganda theater has a compliant and obedient audience. No doubt Tibetan flags will be tolerated but that will be a distraction, the central message will be that ‘We are only seeking genuine autonomy’ a condition if ever realized under the brutal oppression of the Chinese regime will not be allowing any degree of Tibetan national identity and certainly will arrest, torture and shoot anyone who dares to raise Tibet’s national banner.

Don’t be mislead either should you read of or hear the cynical use of the term ‘freedom’ by the Harvard trained lawyer. While it sounds suggestive of independence it’s used by Lobsang Sangay as it may exist under the various forms of ‘autonomy’, for anyone who doubts such an assessment we refer you to an interview Video Here  in which he made clear that his proposals on resolving the issue of Tibet ruled out the prospect of democratic rights for Tibetans in Tibet!

This is an individual who while cloaking himself in the Tibetan flag and delivering carefully scripted rhetoric designed to appeal to and manipulate the exiled Tibetan community, is opposed to Tibetan independence and has willfully ignored the demands and political aspirations of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet.

If anyone reading this truly wishes to stand with the Tibetan people they will not be doing so by attending this event in Paris, better to show your solidarity with the peaceful resistance being waged by Tibetans in Tibet, join and get active with those organizations who clearly state an objective of national liberation and independence for Tibet.

New York Rally For Tibet Stained By CTA Splittists

These prominent rally organizers refused to allow Tibet freedom placards/slogans

These prominent rally organizers uneasy with freedom placards/slogans

Image:capture from facebook video posted via sonam samanatha

In exile Tibet’s cause reached a disappointing low on March 10, a date commemorating the 1959 Lhasa Uprising and a central focus to honor Tibetans inside Tibet who continue their courageous and peaceful resistance to Chinese tyranny. For the second year running New York was the stage upon which a cynical game of manipulation and the promotion of political approved agendas was acted out.Unlike last year however, when such covert actions were restricted to the prominent placement of slogans promoting the policy adopted by and actively followed by Doctor Lobsang Sangay and the Central Tibetan Administration events yesterday took a disturbing turn for the worse.

It would appear that in the land of free speech there is no place within the Tibetan
community of New York for any mention of Tibet’s independence or slogans calling for a
free Tibet. So what was going down? From various reports it appears that a coalition of
censorship and political conformity, comprising prominent figures within the Regional
Tibetan Youth Congress, Regional Tibetan Women’s Association, Tibetan Community and
Chushi Gangdruk had agreed upon excluding from the organized rally any voices or protests that dissented from the officially approved call for ‘genuine autonomy’.

New York March 10 A Goal Not Shared By Tibetan Struggle Inside Tibet

New York March 10 A Goal Not Shared By Tibetan Struggle Inside Tibet


The resulting scenes were deeply troubling with Tibetans, by their own people, being
marginalized, bullied and censored simply for daring to promote the rightful national
freedom of Tibet. As you may imagine the sense of outrage, frustration and sadness which emerged was a cause of much debate and division, resulting in division, accusations and genuine anger. Understandably so, after all the struggle being waged inside Tibet seeks not submitting  to Chinese communist laws on autonomy but demands nation liberation and independence, it is the duty and birthright of exiled Tibetans to stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Tibet towards that just objective.

The resultant reaction across various social media platforms has been volcanic to say the
least, especially upon Facebook, people rightly condemn what was a blatant attempt to
censor any mention of Tibetan independence by silencing and ostracizing those who dared to shout for national freedom. Much finger-pointing, excuses and denial have been offered in the subsequent exchanges on the subject with calls for unity and tolerance, yet those who seek to castigate pro-independence Tibetans as being responsible for causing
disabling division are being duplicitous and delusional in their criticism.

Why so? Well the origins for this regrettable incident are to be correctly sourced not to people holding a conviction who support Tibet’s independence, nor can it be explained in any reasonable manner to an unwillingness to tolerate different views on Tibet. The seeds of this divisive and damaging schism were engineered in the political laboratories of a Central Tibetan Administration that for years now has been actively promoting a policy of appeasing China’s regime. It’s Middle Way ‘solution’ seeks not an independent Tibet but merely the application of Chinese communist laws relating to autonomy of so-called ‘ethnic minorities’.

Is the CTA an invisible hand behind such actions?

Is the CTA an invisible hand behind such actions?


There’s a problem though, and one lying in a dark corner that explains events at the rally yesterday, the Chinese regime has long dismissed such overtures from the CTA as a veiled bid for independence. So from the perspective of the Central Tibetan Administration the issue of Tibetan independence is deeply problematical, indeed it is regarded as an obstacle to progressing talks with China, as such a response was needed.

How best to reassure China that the CTA was not advocating an independent Tibet? Statements to that effect were clearly not enough, actions were needed, some physical manifestation perhaps to help dispossess the Chinese government of its suspicions? So in addition to relentlessly affirming via official statements that only genuine autonomy is being sough a covert campaign has been set in motion that’s manipulating various global protests for Tibet, along with the exile Tibetan community into endorsing the official proposals of the CTA. False choices are being presented in which supporting the Middle Way is portrayed as being loyal to the cause of Tibet and His Holiness, while advocates of Tibet’s rightful independence are marginalized as being disloyal, extreme or unrealistic. Such has been the toxic and cynical narrative increasingly clouding the exiled Tibetan movement.

To the disadvantage and embarrassment of Tibet’s cause there are a significant number of Tibetans in New York who for reasons of conformity, lack of understanding, personal gain or wishing to demonstrate what in reality is a misplaced loyalty now act as censorial attack-dogs for the policy of surrender being pushed by Doctor Lobsang Sangay and his colleagues within the Central Tibetan Administration. Their unthinking obedience is betraying the sacrifices and common political aspirations of their brothers and sisters inside occupied Tibet, such treachery, for that is what it is, needs to be urgently exposed and challenged, in that regard we hope that their disgraceful attempt to silence fellow Tibetans who support Tibet’s independence will serve as a call to action!

Deep Space Star Named ‘Bod Rangzen’ In Support Of Tibet

We are very happy to report that today we have named and registered a star within the constellation of Draco as ‘Bod Rangzen’ (independence for Tibet). While NASA is probably unwilling to recognize this registration, due in large part to not wishing to upset its Chinese space partners , it’s title will be accepted by all those who value freedom, justice and human rights.

So next time you have a chance look up into the night skies and locate Draco, although the star itself is not visible to the naked eye, it’s shining down hope that freedom will return for the Tibetan people.