New UN Rights Commissioner To Swallow China’s Lies On Tibet

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The recently appointed UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mr Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein is to visit occupied Tibet, with a possible trip to East Turkestan, (Report Here) the presumed purpose of his journey is to witness for himself the situation facing the oppressed Tibetan and Uyghur  peoples. Unfortunately as with other fact-finding delegations ( permitted by the Chinese authorities he will be seeing very little apart from stage-managed propaganda!

A Response To The Statement Of Lodi Gyari

Mr Lodi Gyari

Mr Lodi Gyari


Lodi Gyari, former main negotiator for the exiled Tibetan Administration in its fruitless efforts to seek progress in talks with China’s regime on resolving the thorny issue of Tibet has issued a curious statement on his website Reading its contents there’s a feeling that concealed somewhere in his recollections of the early beginnings of the Tibetan Youth Congress, the clever arguments and academic posturing, is an unspoken sense of apology or regret. There’s much to be sorry about, after all this prominent Tibetan has been at the forefront of pressing a surrender of Tibetan nationhood in exchange for slavery under China’s rule. A condition charmingly described as ‘meaningful autonomy’.

Thankfully the ever suspicious and paranoid psychopaths of China’s leadership have consistently rejected this orchestrated appeasement. For now, albeit precariously the door remains ajar on Tibet’s rightful cause for at the very least self-determination, with the objective of restoring its national independence. Problem is that the articulations of the elite cabal, within which Lodi Gyari has a central place, argue that such aspirations are the stuff of fantasy. Better they counsel to be ‘realistic’ and call only for the application of existing communist Chinese law on autonomy and so-called ‘ethnic minority’ rights, ignored in all this of course are the Tibetans of occupied Tibet who are opposing China’s terrorism to assert their national and cultural identity, while demanding Tibet’s independence and a return of the Dalai Lama.

This key issue of a people currently seeking national liberation is  avoided by the honey-coated reasoning offered by Lodi Gyari, instead he chooses to toss the common aspiration of Tibetans for nationhood into the muddy pool of historical perspective and interpretation. There are a number of takes on Tibet’s history, each colored by the thinking, bias, understanding of the author, while geographic and political boundaries shift, emerge and disappear making any definitive single Tibetan political territory elusive. It is not however a falsehood to assert that Tibet and those territories inhabited by Tibetans enjoyed cultural and political freedoms. Moreover in terms of what constitutes a ‘people’ a tough definition, then Tibetans enjoy/ed characteristics that mark them out as ‘distinct’, certainly not Chinese and for considerable periods experienced either directly or more distantly a national and cultural freedom. Such a reality, though challenged by Gyari’s pseudo-intellectual critique, probably remains at the core of Tibetan national identity, the spark that lights the fire resisting China’s tyranny.

Disappointingly however his statement chooses to gloss-over that factor, far too busy in asserting the complex nature of Tibet’s status and former territorial status, he suggests is unknown to many, what is he seeking to achieve, a simple restatement of a select historical view? A darker interpretation may read his comments as a barely disguised attempt to undermine as credible the advancement of an independent Tibet constituting the three traditional Tibetan regions. Having drawn upon the scrutiny and perspectives of history to question an independent Tibetan polity, he then goes on to claim international law as being equally unable to convincingly establish the veracity of Tibet’s independent status. Take this extract for example:

“International legal experts and strong Tibet supporters could not clearly establish the legality of an existence of an unquestionable independent sovereign state of Tibet according to international law in the past few centuries….”

Note the cute extenuation injected in his remarks, subjective assertions which misrepresent the facts somewhat, these additions require us to ask in what circumstances, and by which party, is an independent state ever truly recognized or established by a process of international law without being questioned, or realized in absolute clarity? The descriptive lengths he went to in dismissing claims of Tibetan sovereignty would no doubt be greeted with welcome applause by China’s regime, which has for many years been offering similar arguments!

Meanwhile Lodi Gyari appears to have forgotten the deliberations and findings of a forum of which his colleagues Gyaltsen Gyaltag and Kesang Takla were formal advisors  in which a large number of highly respected and experienced international lawyers convened in London to examine the case of Tibet’s status. It is worth visiting the archives to read the findings of this august assembly of legal experts, conclusions which question the comments asserted above. Reflecting on the claim that prior to 1949/50 Tibet was an independent state for the purposes of international law the eminent collective assessment stated

“5.5) By consensus, the participants of this conference reached the conclusion that the attributes of sovereignty were sufficiently present at that time, in the context of a nation such as Tibet and given its history, to sustain the Tibetan argument as the preferable one. In doing so they took fully into account the arguments of the PRC concerning the historical relationship between China and Tibet.” (Source:  CONFERENCE OF INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS ON ISSUES RELATING TO “ “SELF-DETERMINATION AND INDEPENDENCE FOR TIBET “ LONDON, JANUARY 6-10, 1993

So there we have it, there exists an authoritative legal assessment that affirms Tibet enjoyed sovereignty, a conclusion which perhaps Mr Gyari chooses to ignore to better serve his stated support of the Middle Way?

As regards his repeated insistence that the ‘Tibet’ featured in various United Nations Resolutions, was during the time, that defined by and governed by Gaden Phodrang (the Tibetan Government) an area largely absent of Kham and Amdo Tibetan regions, we cannot wonder if this claim has a fallacious objective. After all what counts more than such evidence-free assertions is the present reality, which is that across all Tibet’s regions Tibetan protests, collective and individual are demanding national liberation. However their sacrifices, courage and rightful demands are being callously ignored by the cynical sophistry reflected in the wording of Mr Gyari’s statement which selectively focuses upon debatable aspects of Tibet’s territorial and political history and distorts the facts relating to Tibet’s previous status. Now why would such a prominent supporter of surrendering Tibet’s right to nationhood choose to misrepresent in such a fashion? Could it be that our warning, made some years ago, of a stealthy effort by the Exiled Tibetan Administration to abandon Kham and Amdo in favor of securing progress with China’s Regime on the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region maybe revealing itself further?

Should Lodi Gyari, described on his site as a “…seasoned and skilled diplomat who is an impassioned advocate for the Tibetan people” wish to offer a reply to our article his comments will be most welcome.

China’s Regime Fooling Western Media Over One-Child Policy

One of the great fictions subscribed to by a number of prominent Tibet related organizations is that Tibetans are exempt from the atrocities generated by China’s notorious birth-control program. Such groups form this conclusion based upon the official declarations of the Chinese regime, interviews with a handful of Tibetans or the claims of anthropologists whose career interests require a pro-China line!

Curiously such credulity towards an authority expert in deception and propaganda does not extend to other human rights issues. Seems there’s a disconnect at work, with salaried lobbyists simultaneously rejecting China’s claims that Tibetans are not subject to human rights abuses, yet willing to accept without critique assertions from the Chinese government that the grim excesses of China’s one-child policy, including forced sterilizations, are not applied in occupied Tibet!

There exists however a considerable body of detailed information, testimony and witnessed accounts that reveals Tibetans have indeed suffered such abuses and continue to do so. Moreover statements from a number of Chinese officials have over the years conceded such a reality, the most recent was featured in a report by Zee News, an Indian based news-site.

Sadly mainstream media has a tendency to repeat as factual the official pretensions served up by China’s regime, a habit much to the delight of the Ministry Of Disinformation in Beijing which uses such gullibility to spread various propaganda aimed at diluting and deflecting international concern on any range of human rights issues. Meanwhile of course the violations continue, as women in China who suffer forced sterilizations would testify.

The Zee News report however, while displaying a naivete of breathtaking proportions, reported a concession from  Yang Wenzhuang that Tibet and East Turkestan had not yet relaxed the regulations pertaining to the one-child policy, now the propaganda line is that so-called ethnic minorities were exempt from such restrictions. Yet here we have a leading Minister in China’s Family Planning Commission acknowledging without qualification that these occupied territories have indeed been subject to such regulation!

International Cyclists Taken For A Propaganda Ride By China’s Regime

Mattia Gavazzi and his cycling team winners of a propaganda cycling event in Amdo Region of occupied Tibet

Mattia Gavazzi and his cycling team winners of a propaganda cycling event in Amdo Region of occupied Tibet

Image: amore & vita-selle smp/facebook

Is the quest for sporting glory and achievement possessed of sufficient honor and integrity to absolve an individual from having any accountability to principles of human rights and the values of freedom?

It’s a question we are placing before Mr Mattia Gavazzi and the cycling team of Amore and Vita-Selle Smp who this month took part in a cycling event in so-called Qinghai Province, China, which in reality is formed mostly of Amdo Region in occupied Tibet.

We are appealing to Mattia Gavazzi and his cycling colleagues to reassess their participation in that race, and would advise that while he may gain success and elation cycling in what is a propaganda event authorized and backed by the Chinese regime, the Tibetan people continuously suffer the most appalling oppression and injustice.

We request  Amore and Vita-Selle Smp to show solidarity with Tibet, human rights and freedom for people and reconsider any future involvement in this event. Surely this Ukrainian linked cycling team is aware of the freedom struggle to realize Ukraine’s nationhood? How would it have felt towards a race being held, organized and endorsed by the Soviet Regime in which Ukraine was described as being within Russia, while away from the cameras people were being oppressed and tortured?!

Anyone wishing to express their support on this appeal may contact Amore and Vita-Selle Smp via:




China’s Regime Launches Nazi-Style Anti-Uyghur Poster Campaign

Some people, usually not informed about the nature and scale of oppression and cultural genocide waged by China’s regime against Tibetans, recoil from analogies between the terrorism inflicted by the Chinese state and the atrocities engineered by Nazi-Germany. At face value of course such a comparison may seem misplaced, however look a little deeper and there are some disturbing parallels, forced labor-camps, the industrialization of executions with mobile death vans and regarding the issue of forced sterilizations China has gone way beyond the insane dreams of Himmler and the SS and administers a state run program that targets countless millions of women.

China’s regime also shares a similar psychosis in that it is inherently racist and considers Han Chinese as ultimately superior to Tibetans or other peoples whose freedom and culture it viciously denies. Another feature, found in both the Nationalist Socialist Party Of Germany and the Chinese Communist Party, is the central role played by propaganda to sway public opinion and reinforce party ideology.

Image:Liuzhou Laowei/bbc

Most recently, as reported by the BBC the Chinese authorities have released a poster campaign targeting the dangers of ‘terrorism’ (not sure if we should cry or laugh at the irony at work there) that seeks to manipulate people into seeing Uyghurs and Islam as the great enemy.

Nazi Illustration from 'The Poisonous Mushroom', that depicts religious Jews from Eastern Europe as dirty, ugly, and dishonest

Nazi Illustration from ‘The Poisonous
Mushroom’, that depicts religious
Jews from Eastern Europe as dirty,
ugly, and dishonest

We have all been here before, the depiction of ‘others’ as something less than human, not to be trusted and feared has a depressingly familiar and fascistic ring to it!

Check That Bar-Code & Don’t Buy ‘Made In China!’

Folks often ask ‘what action can I take against China’s oppression of Tibetans?’ of course there’s a whole lot of activism, ranging from online lobbying of Governments Senators and Congress Members, exposing via the internet and social media cases of political prisoners, joining rallies and awareness raising events. There’s online actions right here on our Blog for people to get involved with, but you know sometimes it’s hard to devote time or maybe for some it’s kinda intimidating to join a political cause. So what about such folk is there any way they can get involved and oppose the tyranny of the Chinese Regime? You betcha! It’s as easy as looking at your watch, next time you go to the Mall or Supermarket simply check the bar-code of any product you are considering and if its first digits are 690 to 699 then you can be sure its produced in China. Now why on earth would a consumer choose something that may well have been produced by child-labor, as recently evidenced by Samsung’s decision to suspend a Chinese company as a supplier which was exploiting children under 16 years of age! or in one of the many forced labor camps which are run by the Chinese regime. An alarming insight into such abuse emerged with a  recent item purchased from an English company, Primark that contained a handwritten note which said:  “We work 15 hours per day and the food we eat wouldn’t even be given to dogs or pigs,”

So next time your out shopping take some action against human rights violations, choose to not fund China’s Regime and show active solidarity with Tibet!