One Right To Rule Them All


When the United Nations commemorates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), signed in Paris December 10, 1948, it should reflect that the Tibetan people have since 1950 endured a series of violations which are in gross contravention of the principles, commitments and freedoms enshrined in the UDHR.

Moreover it should acknowledge that Tibetans constitute a distinct people;
who enjoyed at the least de jure independence, having their own government, treaties with others states, currency, language and culture, and therefore possess the right to self-determination, a fact reflected in UN Resolution 1723. However in light of Tibet’s history of sovereignty there is a powerful case that argues in favor of Tibetan statehood and independence.

Tibetans in Tibet and in exile should take careful note that while individual human rights are of extreme importance, the collective Tibetan right to, at the very minimum, self-determination remains a critical and irreplaceable truth.

Furthermore it is vital that all Tibetans understand that the present policy of the exiled Central Tibetan Administration to accept Chinese rule on the basis of improved autonomy, if realized, would effectively relinquish any Tibetan right to self-determination.

Within the reasoning of the UN and international law human rights are individual in terms of definition and principle, so violations are addressed within the context of of a dominant government exerting political, civil, and territorial control over a people. The UN considers such an authority as ultimately responsible for human rights.

In consideration of that, while of immense value in terms of securing individual freedoms, or as a check against abuse, they do not protect a collective people against the expansionist oppression and cultural genocide which China wages against Tibet.

There is only only one right which Tibetans currently have that can, if realized, offer such protection, the Tibetan people’s right to self-determination, which could permit a plebiscite to determine the common political aspirations of Tibet’s people. The result of such a referendum would inevitably call for an end to Chinese rule and the restoration of Tibet’s rightful independence.

Evil Queen Approves Our Makeover

She Loves The New Design!

She Loves The New Design!


After a couple of happy years with our previous site we thought a makeover was due, so while Snow White was sleeping we managed to draft the services of a number of dwarfs, who toiled non-stop to put together the design you now see. Of course it would not be complete without a touch of pixie dust, required to add that certain finesse, thanks are due to Tinkerbell for the sprinkling.

So after that magic it’s hoped subscribers and visitors find our site easier to navigate and will enjoy the new style, larger font size and colors. If you guys don’t we shall just have to call upon Mz EQ to convince you otherwise!

Open Appeal To Mayor Cassidy & Council Members Of San Leandro


So here’s the breakdown. The City Council Of San Leandro has had an ongoing debate on a proposal to honor China’s Regime by raising the Chinese flag at City Hall on October 1st, the date that saw the founding of the world’s most draconian and totalitarian (ooops sorry communist) state. Naturally this controversial plan attracted considerable opposition from within the local community and beyond, previously Council policy on flag raising invested the Mayor with the authority of final approval or not. This resulted in efforts to fly China’s flag last year being suspended by Mayor Cassidy.

However at a Council meeting March 17 a motion was proposed to amend the wording of current policy which would remove from the Mayor any final say, with a decision reached via a Council vote, this is significant in that presently there seems a majority of Council Members who are determined to hoist China’s flag over City Hall. The proposal was carried by 4 to 3.

All very transparent and democratic, right? Well hold onto your horse awhile. When we look at who was responsible for suggesting a change to the wording of the policy we note it was made by the City Manager, Mr Chris Zapata, now the first question we had was does his office have the authority to propose amendments to policy? So we contacted the City Clerk, Marian Handa who very helpfully provided details relating to the San Leandro City Charter and Municipal which outline the powers and duties of the City Manager. In that document there is no mention whatsoever that the office of City Manager has a remit that includes policy revision or amendment proposals. Indeed as Marian Handa’s email notes: “As you can see, the local law is silent regarding the City Manager’s role in advising the City Council on policy matters”

Why then has the City Manager recommended staff to amend the existing policy? Moreover in so doing has he not operated beyond the duties and limits of his Office? We thought these questions, and others, demanded a response, so we emailed Chris Zapata on March 25, not having received a response a further communication was sent for his attention on March 29,  See HERE unfortunately for whatever reason his office seems unable to respond. Curious don’t you think?

Consulting local views on this we have been given to understand a form of political malaise hangs over City Hall and that such a lack of response is not to be considered unusual, if that’s the case it would be a worrying indictment of governance within San Leandro and we are reluctant to agree with some who claim that genuine democratic process and accountability is sadly absent from City Hall’s administration.

We prefer to believe that good folk are working for the community, dedicated to and respecting the values of open and transparent local government, mindful of the importance of public participation and accountability. Such people will rightly expect that Council procedure follows agreed policy and protocol in accord with the City Charter, we wonder then how they would feel at a decision reached by the City Council which appears, in relation to the issue of amending policy on flag raising, not to have fully complied with such protocols?

There are no doubt many questions surrounding this issue, not least of all why a majority of Council Members seem so determined to ignore the obvious ethical concerns at associating San Leandro with China’s Regime, and are working tirelessly to raise the Chinese flag at City Hall. More specifically however there are concerns if the recent decision to amend policy regarding this subject was determined in a genuinely democratic manner and in accordance with city’s administrative and procedural policies? To that end we present our own questions for the attention of the Mayor and City Council Members which we hope they may have the courtesy and goodwill to address.

Will Mayor Cassidy and Council Members firstly acknowledge that the proposed amendments to wording of the current policy on flag raising (debated during the March 17 City Council meeting) was suggested by the Office of the City Manager?

Will Mayor Cassidy and Council Members kindly confirm that they are aware that the powers and duties of the Office of City Manager do not extend to recommending amendments to policy?

Will Mayor Cassidy and Council Members explain why they seemed to have based a Motion, to amend policy wording, upon a recommendation from a city official whose remit looks not to include the authority of suggesting policy changes?

Will Mayor Cassidy and Council Members explain how the decision arising from the meeting of March 17 can be said to be in full accord with the City Charter and when local law seems to be silent regarding the City Manager’s role in advising the City Council on policy matters?

Given the genuine concern within the local community on the prospect of raising China’s flag at City Hall, which has attracted attention far from the city limits and become of international interest to those supporting human rights, freedom and justice, and in light of the questions regarding the role of the City Manger relating to this people are understandably asking if City Council procedure or democratic process has been best served on this occasion?

Therefore we would respectfully ask Mayor Cassidy and Council Members of San Leandro for a public discussion and full review of this issue to determine openly and fully if Motion 14-113 (Directing Staff to Amend the Existing Policy as Recommended by the City Manager, and Directing the City Manager to Develop Procedures for Reviewing and Processing Requests to Raise Special Designation Flags or Flags of Foreign Nations) can be shown to have been administered and determined in legitimate accord with the City Charter and protocols.




First Lady Gets Used By China’s Regime & The State Department!

Image: original photo by AP/Andy Wong Pool-Graphic via @tibettruth

Readers looking at the staged image above may well be experiencing a degree of nauseating propaganda, please note you will find a sick-bag located under your seat, meanwhile we trust our exposure of this shameless deception will help to reveal just how desperate the Chinese regime is to convince the world of its lie that Tibetan culture is respected and flourishing under its tender mercies!

Clearly the First Lady has been placed in an entirely invidious situation, used not only by China’s propaganda ministry but also the State Department, which would have discussed and agreed this event weeks ago. What seems not to have troubled the sharp suits of 2201 C Street NW  is exposing Michelle Obama to what was a cynical and duplicitous political charade, imagine for a moment a visit to the former racist and apartheid state of South Africa by a First Lady. As part of the supposedly non-political tour she is taken to a restaurant near Soweto and welcomed by the stiff smiles of staff, meanwhile in that blighted township the black population is denied fundamental freedoms and suffering appalling human rights abuse. Would such a controversial and ethically troubling event have been approved by officials in Washington DC?

We would love the opportunity to discuss such a scenario with Michelle, who perhaps is already aware that Tibetans are suffering a genocide that seeks to assimilate and eventually eradicate the culture and national identity of Tibet. Just what was John Kerry’s department thinking of when approving this? Is this what the State Department means by ‘Diplomacy In Action’?

Justice Prevails, Temporarily, As San Leandro Postpones On China’s Flag

Once again the good folks of San Leandro were served with integrity and common sense by Mayor Cassidy who decided to veto a proposal to raise the flag of communist Chinese regime regime above City Hall. The controversial suggestion, designed we are asked to accept from its chief proponent Council Member Benny Lee would be a gesture of peace. That claim has been overwhelmed however by a unified and informed opposition rightly concerned with associating the City with a symbol of oppression, injustice and human rights violations. TV Report HERE

“To do it at city hall is a severe mistake.  That no longer becomes a group in the community celebrating their culture,” said Cassidy,” it becomes our city government linking itself with the Chinese government.”

“To do it at city hall is a severe mistake. That no longer becomes a group in the community celebrating their culture,” said Cassidy,” it becomes our city government linking itself with the Chinese government.”


The protest against honoring China’s Regime attracted popular support from within the local community and also from a number of Tibetan Community organizations, including RTYC San Francisco and Bay Area Friends Of Tibet, who today demonstrated at City Hall and vocalized their opposition during the Council’s meeting.


In addition the issue has reached far beyond the City limits and people from around the world have expressed their concern at the prospect of linking San Leandro with a regime that is responsible for waging a genocidal assault against Tibet and its culture. The Council meeting even came under the scrutiny of hacktivists Anonymous who yesterday posted a message on Twitter urging Mayor Cassidy to take the right action.

Image: via @ProjectInject

To all friends and supporters who supported our online actions on this, thank you! In particular a massive appreciation to our colleagues @tibettruth for raising awareness on this 24/7, final thanks however is reserved for the folks of San Leandro and their Mayor who when required stood by values of freedom and human rights.

A cautionary cloud still shadows today’s decision, articulated through some local opinion which has it that this is more of a postponement, such a view appears based upon a suspicion that the Mayor’s position is that San Leandro Council takes any action it chooses regardless of its Charter. That’s some claim and if based upon observed facts and precedence any such action by City Council would be undemocratic and in violation of the city’s Charter! If the decision reached by today’s meeting, and agreed by Mayor Cassidy, to modify the relevant Agenda on flag raising to permit a collective Council decision in future, then further efforts may be made to get the Chinese flag above City Hall. For the purposes of detail we are sending in a request to for a copy of the recorded minutes of the meeting, meanwhile one thing’s for sure efforts to oppose San Leandro honoring China’s regime should not be suspended until a clear and definitive decision has been publicly made by City Hall.

Women’s NGO’s Bang The Drum On Reproductive Rights YET Stay Silent On China’s Forced Sterilizations!


What are reproductive rights? Well if you ask the majority of women who are flying into New York to attend the #CSW58, the back-slapping festival hosted by the United Nations Commission On The Status On Women (UNCSW), the response would focus on making available family planning education and resources. Which by extension enables a woman to determine freely when to give birth and how many children she wishes. The consequences of such provision include improved health, along with economic and social benefits for women currently denied such choices, that access to family planning. Not only that but in providing family planning to women it seems we can also tackle the major environmental issue of climate change, a topic that has been woven into the reproductive rights argument at recent UN discussions, partly as a political move to enhance the arguments being presented and as an encouragement for further support from within the environmental movement. If you had any doubts at the global impact of family planning as a supposed panacea to the world’s primary challenge be convinced by the words of Huffington Post contributor Diane MacEachern.

“Because ensuring that women have full reproductive rights creates one of the most desirable “two-fers” on the planet. Complete access to voluntary family planning is among the quickest, simplest, and most affordable ways to improve women’s quality of life. It is also one of the most direct, immediate and cost-effective ways to reduce climate change. In fact, studies show that slowing population growth by giving women access to the contraception they already want could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 8 and 15 percent — roughly equivalent to ending all tropical deforestation.” (Source: Women Leave Rio+20 Motivated to Galvanize Sustainability Around Family Planning and Reproductive Rights. 7.02.2012

It is an attractive and persuasive argument and no doubt embraced with zeal by environmentalists and feminists, yet in the clamor to press the logic and justice of such reasoning the debates at UN forums, while articulating reproductive rights consistently fail to address a hugely important element of women’s reproductive freedoms, a woman’s right to be able to determine, without coercion, the spacing and number of children. Now this right (which was formalized at the ICPD and is reflected in CEDAW) is purely theoretical for the countless millions of women who suffer China’s forced sterilizations and forced abortions, for them there are no reproductive freedoms, only a highly draconian and totalitarian system that enforces a range of coercive measures upon women to make them comply with the dictates of the state. Should financial penalties, arbitrary arrest, confiscation of property or loss of employment and housing rights fail women face the horrors of forced sterilization.

Unfortunately, as occurs regularly at the UNCSW, this gross violation of women’s human rights remains a taboo subject, marginalized,evaded and callously ignored by women’s NGOs during debates on reproductive rights. Yet without ensuring human rights are central to the provision of population control policies and practice, arguing for greater reproductive choice and services is divested of credibility and ethical authority. Yes reproductive rights are advanced by providing family planning resources and associated education programs, but they must also include the right of a woman not to be viciously assaulted by the state, denied control over her own body and suffer harrowing medical atrocities under the name of population control. Nor is it enough to claim such rights are enshrined in international statutes such as CEDAW and the ICPD while China enforces a program that so violently trashes those principles, yet the champions of reproductive freedoms offer not a word of opposition or condemnation. Informed and free choice yes, education and access to family planning by all means, but should not those who campaign on such issues be demanding those freedoms and services are extended to women suffering China’s population control policies?

Tasty Tibetan Soup Recipe For Losar (New Year)

2014-The Year Of The Wooden Horse

2014-The Year Of The Wooden Horse


Due to the ongoing repression inside occupied Tibet and ongoing self-immolations some within the exiled Tibetan community will not celebrate this year’s ‘Losar’ (Tibetan New Year). Hard to be merry with recent reports documenting a range of abuse and killings, show-trials illegally sentencing Tibetans, while China’s paramilitary forces placing regions, towns and monasteries under siege. So in exile instead of the usual celebration, music, dancing and delicious feasts that celebrate this festival, many Tibetans will spend the time in a more sombre mood, reflecting upon the plight of their brothers and sisters in that blighted land.

Again this year we were contacted by a number of people who wondered if there was any appropriate gesture of solidarity that could be taken, which would respect this action, yet equally express support for Tibet. After much conversation on the subject we decided upon a personal way to celebrate, in a quiet fashion, Tibetan culture during these dark days, which can be enjoyed individually, with family or friends. We are inviting you to learn how to prepare a simple recipe for Tibetan soup. The ingredients for this are easily obtained and the method is not so difficult, and the result is a hearty and warming dish. The soup we have chosen is called in Tibetan Thenthuk, we have done so because its less involved than the usual dish made the day before Losar, known as Guthuk We hope you will enjoy preparing and sharing this meal, and in so doing spare a thought for Tibet’s true cause for national freedom.

Thenthuk (Flat Noodle Soup)

First make the Noodles

A handful of white flour (you can use any kind of flour)

100ml water (room temperature)

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1 tsp oil

In a bowl mix these ingredients well and then knead on a floured surface for 4 minutes.Cover the dough and leave to stand for 5 minutes (you can use any kind of cover) but don’t leave it for longer than 5 minutes or it will get too sticky. Next, flatten the dough into a thin sheet and cut into long strips.


Now The Soup

Heat a large, deep pan and fry the following for 30 seconds, or until the garlic begins to brown:

3 tbsp oil

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp garlic

1 tbsp ginger

Now Add The Following:

1 large tomato, roughly chopped

1 small onion, chopped in half

1 carrot, chopped thinly

1 green pepper, chopped

1 handful of cabbage, sliced (spinach or other greens are just as good)

Fry for 1 minute until the tomato is mashed then add 1200ml boiling water.

Now Add The Noodles

Before putting the pasta strips in the soup, drape them over your arm and tear strips off, about an inch in size. Cook for 2 minutes until the water is boiling again.

Finally add 1 tbsp soy sauce.

Before serving make a plain omlette (2 eggs for 6 people, 1/4tsp salt and 1/4tsp black pepper). Allow this to cool and then chop into strips before adding on top of each dish.

No bowl of Tibetan soup is complete without a serving of chilli,sauce or powder. Enjoy

Grateful thanks to Lhamo’s Kitchen For this recipe

New Report On China’s Dark Trade In Organs


A must read document that exposes the harrowing truth on China’s grisly trade in human organs, it is not easy material yet demands to be given far greater attention from a an international community all too often willing to overlook the dark excesses of China’s regime. Respect to the Laogai Foundation for producing this important report.

We trust it will be read also by Professor Stephen Garton, Acting Vice-Chancellor University of Sydney an institution that faces a number of questions relating to this issue, see here: