Parading The Obscene

China’s propaganda machine Xinhua has been trumpeting the so-called progress and prosperity, supposedly arising since China invaded Tibet in 1950. Communist  China’s senior political advisor, Jia Qinglin called (Friday March 27, 2010 ) upon Tibetans to: “Maintain stability and cherish prosperity achieved in the autonomous region ahead of Serfs Emancipation Day”. Similar deceit and disinformation will be given prominence this year, across the Internet and social platforms such as Twitter

Meanwhile, behind the red and yellow deception, an obscene perversion of history which seeks to convince a disbelieving world that Tibetans should be thankful to be placed under communist China’s tender mercies, China continues its grim catalog of violations against Tibet. Equally disturbing is the continuing expansion of its fleet of mobile execution chambers.  A report March 27 2009  in the Daily Mail (a UK national newspaper) features a disturbing report on Beijing’s Nazi-inspired killing machines.

Like Hitler’s gassing-vans
which exterminated untold thousands of people across Europe, these high-tech mobile death-chambers introduce an industrial process to the killing of civilians, made more harrowing by the reported butchering of recently executed bodies to extract organs for profit.

The tyranny, injustice, inequality and denial of national freedom and human rights  in Tibet followed China’s invasion in 1950, any attempt to portray its military annexation and subsequent occupation, as an event of celebration is a nauseating perversion of the cold facts that China has brought nothing but suffering and terror to the people of Tibet!

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