Hindu Swallows Al Quaeda Disinformation

Just to follow up with some additional developments concerning the specious association of extremism and so-called al-Qaeda with unrest in East Turkestan.

As was mentioned in the previous post on this subject, the English newspaper The Guardian ran an article (July 14) by Tania Branigan,  in which she drew upon a report by a private English security consultancy (headed by a Chinese-speaking, former English Foreign Office official) that claimed the much reported terror group had issued a threat to Chinese citizens in Algeria.

There was one seemingly major problem with that assertion (does anyone recall the so-called well researched security information that produced the Iraq Dossier, which wrongly claimed that Saddam Hussein had missiles that could carry biological agents ready to launch within forty-five minutes? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraq_Dossier   it was based, not it would appear on any independently verifiable evidence,  but  from what the Guardian itself described as “…people who have seen the instruction”.

So, upon further reading the claim that the mysterious terrorist entity al-Quaeda was seeking revenge for the killing of Uyghurs appears to be little more than third-hand testimony of individuals, who claim to have seen the instruction for action against Algeria’s Chinese population.

Unfortunately if a deception is repeated often enough it has a nasty habit of becoming, to the popular eye, truth, a tactic well known to communist China, and intelligence agencies of the United States and England, so they must have been delighted with Tania Branigan’s article, and even more pleased to note that the fact-free linkage of extremist groups with East Turkestan was blindly picked up later and published by Indian newspaper, The Hindu July 15 2009 which stated that:

“On Tuesday, the terror group Al-Qaeda, for the first time, declared it will target Chinese interests in North Africa to avenge the violence against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang [sic]”  SOURCE  (Blog Editor’s note: This is Chinese term used following the forcible annexation of East Turkestan by communist China in 1949).

Sloppy journalists please note: the only terrorists in East Turkestan are communist China’s jack-booted thugs.

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