One G20 Message For Hu Jintao



Subscribers of Tibettruth take part in numerous demonstrations in their different locations. A key reason for such participation is to ensure that the objectives of Tibetan resistance  inside Tibet is not misrepresented, ignored or diluted. As ongoing events in Tibet have shown,  the overwhelming political aspiration of Tibetans is for independence, with protesters  risking their lives and freedom calling for Bod Rangzen (freedom/independence for Tibet). Tibetans do not face Chinese bullets, torture or prison for ethnic autonomy,  or to accept any form of Chinese domination, a fact which should be noted by the exiled Tibetan Government.  As a network of individuals which actively supports Tibetan independence Tibettruth is in complete solidarity with the objectives, courage and sacrifices of the Tibetan resistance.
With the forthcoming arrival, to the United States, of Communist Chinese leader Hu Jintao we would hope that those protesting his visit, starting September 22, will not be afraid to stand in support of Tibetans by representing their just cause for Tibetan independence. It is essential to honour and reflect the political wishes of Tibeans inside Tibet so please avoid carrying timorous slogans such as ‘Talk to the Dalai Lama’, or ‘Negotiate Now’ . Such messages  do not honestly represent the Tibetan people’s struggle for liberation, many of whom sacrifice their lives and freedom for their nation.

The world will be watching you, here is a precious opportunity, one goal, one nation one solution.  Independence for Tibet!

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