New York Protest Tells It Straight


Downtown New York has today been illuminated with the strident colors of the Tibetan national flag, along with other national groups, including Uyghurs, Burmese and Sri Lankans, Tibetans and their supporters have come togther to forge a powerful alliance in support of Tibet’s independence and human rights. The drone of passing traffic has been eclipsed by calls for a Free Tibet and China Out, which Hu Jintao would have preferred silenced by electric batons and machine guns.


A number of prominent Tibetan and Uyghur speakers addressed protesters and passers-by commentating upon how communist China’s unfettered economy is generating  massive environmental destruction, and contributing to global warming. Which the geography and environment of Tibet is intricately linked to. Some noted that only an independent Tibet, can provide the stability and awareness to permit a sustainable management of the region, and thus lessen any global impact.


According to Rangzen activist, Mary Kate who along with fellow pro-Tibet independence campaigner Michelle, were present at the demonstration, the common suffering of peoples under Communist Chinese oppression was also highlighted, with appeals made that people work together, in order to overcome Beijing’s totalitarian regime and restore human rights, dignity, and justice to Tibetans, Uyghurs and Burmese. One  48 year-old Burmese monk, who had participated in the previous protests inside Burma, detailed his experiences, incuding his time as a political prisoner. Tibetan speakers include activist Tenzin Tsundue, the  President of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress and Lhadon Tethong.

With grateful thanks to MKO

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