Beijing Says Grovel And Dharamsala Says, How Low?

Heads up to all Tibetans and supporters who stand with the Tibetan people in their struggle for independence. Be on the look-out for even more dangerous compromises from the exiled Tibetan Government, which will be shortly responding publicly to the comments made today (October 22, 2009) by Zhu Weiqun, communist China’s Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department. Zhu issued further demands, this time to simply restart the already doomed negotiations; which would at any rate only result in the abandonment of Tibetan national identity. We can expect Samdhong Rinpoche to be jumping through Beijing’s latest hoops to convince them of the Tibetan Administration’s willingness to accept communist Chinese domination. The three additional demands are:

1) The Tibetan Administration must provide an explanation to China why, according to Beijing, it ceased contacts with the communist Chinese government last year.

2) The Tibetan Administration should ‘thoroughly and sincerely reconsider their political outlines and make corrections’ in the Memorandum of Genuine Autonomy. (Editor’s Note: A document which already contains page-after-page of capitulation, including the possibility of surrendering traditional Tibetana regions such as Amdo and Kham.

3. China has demanded that the Dalai Lama should stop travelling to the west as it jeopardizes China’s friendly relations with other countries, accusing the Tibetan leader of engaging in political activities in those countries. Zhu added that the Tibetan leader’s future (Editor’s Note: It is discussion of Tibet’s status that China wishes to avoid here) could be discussed only if he drops his separatist stance and behaviors.

There has been a response from the exiled Tibetan Government (which we must recall is not actually in negotiations with the communist Chinese, that is carried out by private envoys of the Dalai Lama) Mr Thubten Samphel stated that there is no way to change the Tibetan Government’s policy, since the government policy was a mandate of the Tibetan people and can be changed only through a democratic process. (Editor’s Note: The so-called Memorandum on Genuine Autonomy was not in endorsed by Tibetans in Tibet who are fighting for Rangzen and not any form of autonomy) .

While Thupten Samdhup rejected Beijing’s other demands, his comments made on a Voice of Tibet broadcast, do not in themslves constitute a formal response from the Tibetan Administration. In that context we can expect to witness shortly a number of public speeches and press releases which will no doubt give some indication of Dharamsala’s private compliance with China’s additional dictates, which no doubt have already been dispatched to Beijing.

These demands are yet another drive by communist China to eradicate Tibet as an international issue and kill any prospect of maintaining a distinct Tibetan national identity. It is to the shame of the exiled Tibetan Government that it is prepared to collaborate in such a capitulating betrayal of its own people, who desire nothing less than complete freedom and independence from their Chinese oppressors.

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