Rome Shamed By Tibet Lies

Mario Zanone Poma Propagandist for China

Mario Zanone Poma Propagandist for China


A two day pro-Communist China forum concludes in Rome today, hosted by the Italy-China Foundation (ICF)   a group set up no doubt with commercial considerations in mind. Apart from strengthening lucrative ties with the communist regime the conference has also been used as a platform to present a catalog of lies and propaganda on Tibet and its people. Prominent collaborators in this deception has been the Vice Pesident of the ICF, Mario Zanone Poma, who is reported by China’s official mouthpiece, Xinhua, as saying that:

“People should go and visit Tibet to see what it’s really like. Life there is normal, young people hang out in nightclubs like anywhere else and are very active. There are many students and I was impressed by the vibrant and well-organized University of Tibet,  (Editor’s Note: this propaganda jewel attracts a number of foreigners, including arch-peddler of untruths on Tibet, Robert Barnett) center of study and ancient text preservation,” .

Such nauseating disinformation demands to be challenged, and it is hoped that Tibet activists in Italy will be challenging Mario Zanone Poma and the ICF. Anyone wishing to join that effort and question this shameful propaganda may email the ICF @

Their contact details are as follows:

Fondazione Italia Cina
Via Pasteur 10
00144 Roma-Italia
Tel +39 06 5903 871
Fax + 39 06 5421 1059

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