2 thoughts on “Obama Endorses China’s Aggressive Colonialism

  1. It is very troubling to see that the China Lobby has full possession of the Obama adminstration’s Tibet-China policies. The new president haves caved into the Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship on every single matter related to Tibet. Everyone should know that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geither atteneds high school in Bejing when his ather was the Ford Foundation Rep there, and then went on to work at KISSINGER ASSOCIATES for 4 years. As we know, America’s China policy of “unconditional engagement” was crafted in the Cold War by Henry Kissingerand has never been reconsidered or altered to this day. So Geithner and Larry Summers are doing the bidding of Beijing by isolating Tibet and the Dalai Lama more than any president in recent history.
    When will the moment come when the USA has caved into China’s dictators again and again, only to wake up naked and broke in a hotel room? Old joke but hey, it applies!

    • tibettruth says:

      Indeed, however US policy on Tibet, in terms of recognizing Beijing’s bogus claims over Tibet, pre-dates Obama by a number of decades.

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