2 thoughts on “Tibetan Youth Under Official Censure

  1. Billy Jack Douthwright says:

    I’m glad you bring this up & other ‘darker’ more challenging issues that are a part of Tibetan’s struggles & oppressions, the white-washing in the mainstream media & the resultant ignorance & lack of a sense of moral responsibility among the vast majority of people in regards to Tibet’s cause is very troubling, and there must be reasons for it. Tibetans’ present national leadership is greatly admirable on certain levels, but quite frankly I am more interested in Tibetans seeking the true justice they deserve, I would have to express that I find the present leadership far too capitulating as well, and for them to be ‘calling’ Western societies capitulating in this matter is hypocritical to a great extent.
    I really hope that the whole generation of younger Tibetans will begin to truly find their crusading voices & realize that they must lead now with greater urgency and force of righteousness, they have the awareness & knowledge that’s needed & they have the network

    • tibettruth says:

      Thanks for those important points. The TGIE however is not criticising western governments as submitting to China, since it is doing precisely the same. The point is that as the government of the Tibetan people it should be honouring and respecting the will of Tibetans.

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