Tibetan Cause Hi-Jacked @ Copenhagen

When are Tibetans going to get a grip of their cause, and prevent so-called Tibet experts from attending international events (and briefing the media) to peddle arrogant misrepresentations of what Tibetans are struggling for? While Tibetan women on December 10 took to the ice-gripped sidewalks of Minneapolis, to support an independent Tibet, the Media Officer of the Tibetan Women’s Association was in the warmth of a meeting in Copenhagen  (along with two so-called activists for Tibet) reportedly claiming no one was calling for Tibet’s independence!

This Blog has previously mentioned Ms. Kate Saunders, who seems to specialise in emphasising that the Tibetan people are not seeking independence. This time the media spokesperson for International Campaign For Autonomy (ooops Tibet) appeared (December 10) was a panelist at an event presented by ‘Tibet Third Pole’. This was held at the alternative climate summit ‘Klimaforum09′ in DGI-Byen, Copenhagen. Sitting alongside her was Mr. Matthew Whitticase,  of the English support group Free Tibet Campaign (an organization which has a long record of not supporting Tibetan independence). The panel was completed by Tenzin Dhardon Sharling, of the Tibetan Women’s Association.

Much talk was offered on the ecological fragility of Tibet, the denudation of its grasslands, deforestation,  glacial retreat, China’s insensitive exploitation and the forcible stettlement of Tibetan nomads. All crucial and valid concerns. However who are these people to present themselves as public commentators for the Tibetan cause, and then grossly misrepresent the objectives of the Tibetan people’s aspirations,  by insisting that they were not calling for Tibet’s independence, but simply required the communist Chinese government to ‘face the problems and act accordingly’.

It really is important that Tibetans regain control of how their cause is being presented, clearly the likes of Ms Saunders and Mr Whitticase are promoting an agenda which excludes Tibet’s independence, and thus cannot be relied upon to report accurately upon the political objectives of Tibetans, or the nature of the resistance inside Tibet. Yet what was perhaps more disappointing was the compliance and silence offered by Ms Dhardon Sharling, who as executive member  of an organization which has Tibetan independence as one of its core values. could surely have made clear, that while her co-panelists may not be promoting Tibet’s independence, Tibetans inside Tibet continue a courageous struggle for Tibet’s national freedom.

6 thoughts on “Tibetan Cause Hi-Jacked @ Copenhagen

  1. The Tibetan people are struggling for the national liberation and freedom from Chinese oppression, as recognized by His Holiness, ultimately it should be the will of the of 6 million Tibetans which shall determine the future status of Tibet. We do not share the messge of defeat and pessimism which you peddle. There are many cases where a people have resisted oppression and occupation to emerge as a free and independent nation, take Ireland which for 800 years resisted English oppression and power. Since the end of World War Two some 100 countries have regained their independence, why should Tibetans accept anything less? Presumably you would have counselled the French Resistance to be ‘realistic’ and accept the realities of Nazi rule in France? More recently would you have advised the people of East Timor that their struggle for independence was useless against the military might of Indonesia? The fact is that a people have a right to self-determination, for Tibetans this includes the freedom to determine the nature and course of the struggle to regain nationhood. Bho Gyalo!

    1. We have detailed our position to you peviously and explained how collaborating with a totalitarian regime such as communist China, or indeed former oppressive states such as Nazi Germany, or Stalinist Russia, Cambodia under the terrors of the Khymer Rouge, and Apartheid South Africa, legitimizes the oppression and compromises the truth. Furthermore we have sought to open your mind to the reality that while some limited relief may be bright to a minority, the injustice, poverty, cultural erosion, violations and assimilation continue. Whatever the personal motivations of those NGO’s involved their presence in no way moderates the tyranny, and requires individuals to associate and cooperate with (and endorse, through its silence on issues of human rights and politics) the very regime which is engineering the violent destruction of Tibetan culture. Only when a people can freely determine their political, cultural and destinies can genuine economic, educational, medical and social progress be realized. That will never be possible while Tibetans remain under communist China’s bloody maw. Meanwhile, of course people have every right to take a different view, and if they are comfortable with collaborating with a regime which inflicts mass campaigns of forced sterilizations upon women, and happy to remain silent upon such atrocities; for fear of jeopardising their opportunity to bring a restricted degree of assistance to a handful of Tibetans, that must rest upon the individual conscience and an ability to rationalize away the odious reality of associating with an authority that inflicts such violations.

      In closing please note that we have explored this issue in sufficient detail and afforded you the opportunity of a response, there will be no further correspondence.

  2. Re:Comments by J Hawthorne

    “do you think that protesting and demonizing the CCP is going to change this?”


    You mean “demonising” right? If you are really from Australia?

    On the other hand, China uses the American spelling, “Demonizing.”

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