China’s Global Solution @ Copenhagen-Forced Sterilizations!

Population Reduction By Order Of The State

Communist China has an answer to the challenge of saving the planet’s environment, and Chinese officials have been reportedly active within the Copenhagen Climate Summit pressing their solution on environmentalists. Their proposal is based on a simplistic equation: high population levels equals increased ecological and atmospheric damage.With decades of experience in forcibly reducing its population levels China is well placed to instruct the world in how to organize, fund, promote, and implement mass programs of forced sterilizations, IUDs and forced abortions. Ask the traumatized women of China, Tibet or East Turkestan about the Nazi-like efficiency with which Beijing has dispatched countless numbers of birth-control teams across China, occupied Tibet and East Turkestan, to coerce women into receiving so-called birth-control surgery.

Do such abuses stir the conscience of those radicalized enivironmentalists, driven by one goal, planetary salvation? After all who cares about women’s human rights, or the harrowing reality of medical atrocities resulting from such coercion, when we have a planet to save? Incredibly, though not disclosed publicly, there are some within the environmental movement, who privately welcome China’s population program, and callously turn-a-blind- eye to the horrors of its implementation, since the resultant population reduction is considered beneficial in terms of the global environment. Can you hear them whisper? If only we could force women to undergo sterilization in Europe or the United States, what an impact that would in terms of reducing pressure upon the planet and its finite resources.

Meanwhile, China seeks to deceive (those stupid enough to believe) that is implementing its draconian population program as part of its global strategy to address climate problems. Sadly, there are naive environmentalists at Copenhagen, so blinded by the seeming correctness of their over-arching desire to save the world, that they are willing to contemplate state-sponsored violence against women.


2 thoughts on “China’s Global Solution @ Copenhagen-Forced Sterilizations!

  1. Very sad. Fortunately, many environmentalists don’t think that such a solution is justified nor practical. It’s much more efficient from an environmental point of view to provide peoples with the tools and know-how to preserve their own environments, rather than implement fascistic policies against indigenous peoples.

    I think eventually the world will wake up to many, if not all, of China’s unjust policies, most especially those relating to the occupied nation of Tibet.

    1. Thanks for contributing, we sure hope that mainstream environmentalists are indeed grounded and aware of the horrific implications, in terms of human rights and ethics that population programs, as enforced by China, would create. That said you maybe aware that there are some influential voices within the environmental movement that are not entirely dismisive of such draconian measures, it is hoped that wiser more enlightened counsel prevails and that such views are challenged by all those who cherish human rights and environmentalism.

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