A New Year For Rangzen


As 2010 awaits, looking back at the closing year there is not much fuel to maintain the fires of optimism. Afghanistan suffers still, Iraq struggles to rise from the destruction visited upon it, courtesy of the USA and Britain. Palestine continues to be sorely oppressed, with the people of Gaza abused by an Israeli authority contemptuous of international law. Much debate and analysis continues to greet these issues, yet in essence such cases do not require philosophical examination, nor intellectual reasoning, they are simply an abhorrence.

Likewise, the invasion and subsequent destruction of Tibet’s Buddhist culture, in which a nation, that had enjoyed all the features of an independent state, was forcibly annexed and its people brutalized, massacred, starved, marginalized and assaulted with a range of social, and political controls. All of which shared one objective, the eradication of Tibet’s distinct culture and identity. Such cultural genocide invites a response from anyone possessed of normal intelligence and integrity. An ethical demand is surely placed upon the conscience of any who uphold the values of justice, freedom and human rights.

Do we stand with those who endure and resist such oppression? Should we wring-our-hands and peddle defeatism and despair, or be inspired by the incredible bravery and sacrifices made by those who risk all to champion the cause of independence and identity? If we subscribe to the path of so-called ‘realism’, what future awaits the spirited and freedom loving people of Tibet? After more than five decades of Chinese rule Tibetans know too well that under Beijing’s ever draconian grip, no form of so-called autonomy will respect their cultural, political or national identity. China seeks to extinguish any sense of Tibetan separateness, and is thus entirely intolerant of increased ‘autonomy’. The assimilation and colonization will continue, whatever insane agreement may be reached between the TGIE and Beijing. The ruthless exploitation of Tibet’s environment, the mass-programs of forced sterilizations, which traumatizes countless Tibetan women, the censorship and oppression, the political control and murderous suppression of any form of dissent, will continue.

Such is the reward of submitting to Chinese control. The alternative to such capitulation has already been committed to action by those inside Tibet, resist the occupation, protest against the injustice and violations, and remind both the world and communist China that the hopes, determination and desire for Tibetan freedom burns as strong now as ever.



    I share your concerns about illegal occupation of Tibet and the oppression of Tibetans. This is a huge problem. After decades of effort, the situation in the Land of Tibet has not changed. The discussions and negotiations to resolve this problem made no progress. The problem in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine are different and we need not discuss those issues on this page which is dedicated to bring freedom to Tibetans. The problems of other minority groups living in China is a relevant issue. There are several complex political issues in this world and it would be very difficult to evolve a common agenda. The China-Tibet equation should be the main concern and we should try and get world’s attention to this problem.


    1. You said it right that the problems of other minorities in the PRC(I do not consider China to presently be the true China while the PRC continues to reign over it with such disgusting lack of basic humanity) are just as relevant and the Tibet-PRC equation has to be the world’s main concern now, for the environmental realities and to secure future political stability for all of Asia, TIbetan’s freedom is the key.
      In response to the main article, surely the desire for Tibetans’ freedom burns not just as strongly but stronger now than ever, and I say this when contemplating Troma Nagmo since the past few days in Tibetan art & writings… !

      Another awareness, that I guess has been clarified by the failure at Kopenhagen and more so because of the simple and obvious fact of it, that this company Google Inc. through the services they have been providing, is likely the most truly fully functional entity of a democratic vessel in the world now! Look at the facts, the Google forum is infinitely more democratic than the entirety of the UN! I mention this awareness, now, and here because it is one of the tools available to sweep aside the iron PRC curtain to expose the truth of the PRC occupation of the beloved Tibet!! It is all good & Tibet will be free.


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