Envoy Considers Surrendering Tibetan Regions

Lodi Gyari To Consider The Surrender of Kham?


As anticipated in previous postings here the exiled Tibetan Administration looks set to maintain efforts to negotiate with communist China, in the hope of securing an improved form of autonomy under Chinese rule, an objective not shared by Tibetans in Tibet, who continue to oppose China’s occupation and demand independence.

Just 36 hours after Beijing contemptuously rejected the proposals made by the Dalai Lama, his chief envoy Lodi Gyari has released a statement  in which the prospects of submitting to additional Chinese demands (referred to as the Four Not To Indulge In Points) are evident.

A key requirement of China is that the Tibetan leader abandons the idea of a ‘Greater Tibet’ (comprising the three traditional areas of Tibet, Amdo, Kham and U-Tsang) which the Dalai Lama’s proposals insist should form one unified Tibetan region. Beijing is callously intolerant of that concept, it seeks to erode and assimilate Tibetan culture and national idenity, not encourage it by agreeing to the establishment of a single autonomous region including all three Tibetan territories. Should the Dalai Lama continue efforts to seek negotiations with the Chinese Government he will do so in full knowledge that no further talks will be likely without submitting to this demand. This would mean surrendering to China, the regions of Kham and Amdo, a betrayal which would generate seismic divisions and anger among Tibetans, inside and beyond Tibet.

So what does Lodi Gyari (himself born in Nyarong, Kham)  have to say about China’s forceful renunciation of the Dalai Lama’s proposals?

“In the coming days we will be studying the issues raised by our counterparts, including the proceedings of the Fifth Tibet Work Forum and the “Four Not to Indulge In” points. As we had urged during our meeting, it is my sincere hope that the Chinese leadership will also seriously reflect on the issues raised by us.  Since His Holiness the Dalai Lama has consistently made his position clear on the future of Tibet within the framework of the People’s Republic of China, given political will on the Chinese leadership’s side we do not see any reason why we cannot find a common ground on these issues.  We would like to reiterate His Holiness’s continued willingness to work with the Chinese Central Government in this so that the Tibetan people can regain their pride and dignity and the People’s Republic of China’s stability and unity are ensured ” (emphasis added) Source: statement issued by Lodi Gyari, February 2, 2010

Can there be any politically sane consideration of demands which would guarantee and formalize the division of Tibet and the surrender of Kham and Amdo? According to Lodi Gyari it would seem that such treachery will at least be evaluated, as the Tibetan Administration walks with eyes wide-open towards the precipice.

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2 thoughts on “Envoy Considers Surrendering Tibetan Regions

  1. Tsewang says:

    Hi buddy:

    You know I know, everybody know, that this decision is made by HHDL himself. So don’t pretend to be unknown, and accusing other goats. If you dare speak directly to HHDL, I am behind you.


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