Lobby Hillary’s Women’s Ambassador On CSW Appeasement Of China

USA's Ambassador For Global Women's Issues


On Thursday February 24 Hillary Clinton’s Special Adviser on Global Women’s Issues, Ms. Melanne Verveer  is due to give a presentation to the ongoing session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). She will be preceded by an earlier address from China’s ‘Minister For Forced Sterilizations, Ms. Song Xiuyan who, as a Minister for the All China Women’s Federation, is responsible for promoting, organizing and implementing China’s highly coercive population control program, will be speaking upon women’s equality, education and rights!

Please  join the action to brief Ms. Verveer on the issue of violations caused by China’s population policies, and the troubling silence which has greeted this subject from the CSW.

Please use the following sample letter to draft your own and email to: Ms. Melanne Verveer


Dear Ms Verveer,

I note that you will be addressing the 55th Session CSW on Thursday February 24.  In light of the important and valuable work currently being undertaken by the CSW I wish to present a briefing paper Download Here for your prompt attention, that addresses a major issue of women’s human rights, that has not been moderated or resolved by the commitments of either the Beijing Declaration or the Platform for Action. Yet both instruments featured the subject,  and required action and commitment from member states, including China which ratified both documents.

I hope you may support the call that the CSW gives meaningful examination and exposure to the issue of China’s coercive population control program and the serious human rights violation it generates, which are featured in the attached document. Furthermore I would hope that your office committed to women’s human rights will challenge China on this matter, and demand an explanation why China’s formal response on its implementation of the aforementioned instruments failed to feature this serious area of concern affecting women in China, and the occupied lands of Tibet and East Turkestan.

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