England’s Tibet Coalition Ignores Message of Tibetan Struggle


Despite being organized by a coalition of Tibet groups in England, with months of planning and promotion, according to some participants and reports just over a hundred people turned out to attend a freedom-march through London today. The protest was a pretty low-key affair that failed to support Tibetan independence. It seemed more like a public appeal than a forceful demonstration, mirrored by the placards and banners, none of which called for Rangzen. Watching events it was very sad that so few turned up and raised questions about the organizers, some of whom claim to have multi-thousand memberships. This annual event is organized by a coalition of groups that includes: Tibetan Youth UK , Tibetan Community in Britain,  Students for a Free Tibet , Tibet Society, and the Free Tibet Campaign.


It was extremely disappointing that  these organizations could only attract such low numbers, the only people who would be pleased by this would be the British Foreign Office, and no doubt the Chinese Embassy in London, both of who are implacably opposed to Tibet’s national freedom. When asked about the attendance, and the absence of any reference to Tibetan independence, one Tibetan claimed that pressure from the exiled Tibetan Administration was responsible (this relates to the view that the TGIE, in trying to further talks with Beijing, is trying to dilute political protests by exiled Tibetans).


Whatever the factors, it was anything but a rousing demonstration and completely unsupportive of the political ambitions of their brothers and sisters inside Tibet. As the posters asserted that Tibetans in Tibet have no voices, the obvious question we must ask is, so why not use yours to support what Tibetans want?

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One Comment

  1. Tibettruth has received several responses to this item, all of which essentially covered ground previously offered by another contributor ‘HG’, on a related post. They deal with issues beyond the more factual observations featured here, which document, what many Tibetans have remarked, was a poorly attended protest. It was anything but a forceful endorsement of Tibetan independence. Anyone wishing to see the comments received on that, is advised to read https://tibettruth.com/2010/03/06/london-march-6-right-protest-wrong-message/


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