Minneapolis Mayor Proclaims Tibet Day

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The City of Minneapolis has declared Wednesday March 10 as ‘Tibet Day’. The Mayor of the city, R. T. Rybak is to be congratulated for standing with the Tibetan citizens of Minneapolis and Minnesota, upon this important commemoration, which honours all Tibetans who have struggled (and continue to so) for justice, freedom and independence for Tibet.

The move is not without some opposition, as communist China has launched a protest, as it did earlier in Portland, to pressurize the City authorities not to grant this status. Everyone who values democratic freedoms will support Mayor Rybak in resisting such crass and cynical interference from a communist China’s tyrannical regime.

Thank You Mr.Mayor!


Please express thanks to Mayor Rybak for supporting Tibet by emailing his office here: Attention of Mayor Rybak (c/o Jeremy Hanson Willis) jeremy.hanson@ci.minneapolis.mn.us

Tibettruth expresses its admiration and congratulations to SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, Jigme and RTYCMN for helping to realize this important support

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