Chicago Tibet Rally Honors Tibetan Cause


A highly forceful rally for Tibet’s independence has come to a close outside the Chinese consulate in Chicago. Hundreds of Tibetans and supporters came together to demand justice and freedom for Tibet. The 10th March 2010  is the 51st Commemoration of the1959 Lhasa Uprising, when Tibetans rose up against the brutal oppression of China’s military occupation. The spirit of resistance and hope for freedom and justice today burns as brightly across Tibet, despite decades of colonization and attempted assimilation. In solidarity with the aspiration of Tibet’s national liberation, Tibetans from all over Illinois and Minnesota  assembled in Chicago to honor the courage and sacrifice of Tibetans, and call for an end to the tyranny of China’s illegal occupation.

The event has been a huge success and congratulations should be given to the Regonal Tibetan Youth Congress Minnesota and other organizations who worked so hard to make this even happen. Special mention must be made to Jigme Ugen, who once again has served the Tibetan cause with great determination, intellegence and passion.

Tibettruth wishes to express its appreciation to RTYCMN, Jigme and to a number of our subscribers and friends, who have worked so closely to promote this event, and ensure that the voice of Tibetans inside Tibet was not ignored. One nation, one people, one solution-Independence for Tibet!

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