Swiss Tibetans’ Rangzen-March On Bern

A reported three hundred Tibetans and supporters marched through the Swiss city of Bern today to demand freedom and jutstice for Tibet, the Tibetan national flag was prominent, as were chants for Free Tibet, We Want Justice and Long Live Dalai Lama. 

During the procession protestors were marshalled by a noticeable police presence, which was most numerous at the Chinese Embassy, with a heavy presence of security forces.  A delegation of around ten people were allowed through the armed ranks of security personnel to present a communciation denouncing the oppression inside occupied Tibet. Not that the Chinese staff were too happy to open the door, seems they were rather intimidated by being being exposed to the truth of their illegal occupation of Tibet.  

The event organized by: Tibeter Gemeinschaft Schweiz Liechtenstein TGSL, Tibetische Frauenorganisation TFOS, Gesellschaft Schweizerisch Tibetische Freundschaft GSTF und Verein Tibeter Jugend in Europa VTJE

Grateful thanks to Ramona Tibet for the images and great support for Rangzen

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