China Launches Seismic Propaganda In Wake Of Quake

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As Tibetans, and Chinese colonizers, in and around the Tibetan town of Jyekundo, struggle in the aftermath of the massive earthquake, which has killed hundreds after striking the Eastern Tibetan Regions of Kham/Amdo on April 13/14  we can expect, as occured with the earthquake in Sichuan (parts of which comprise annexed Tibetan territories of Kham) that China’s propaganda Ministry, Xinhua, will be swinging into action to peddle its propaganda.

It has already been actively ensuring that news agencies, who obligingly report  the fiction that this region is Chinese, promote an official line, as dictated by the communist authorities. So we have had mainstream media referencing so-called Qinghai Province and identifying the area of highest destruction as being  nearby Gyegu, and Jiegu which are artificial and imposed Chinese names for the historic Tibetan town of Jyekundo.

As with the rest of occupied Tibet, the communist Chinese regime has carefully replaced Tbetan place names with Chinese versions to support the illusion that Tibet is a part of China. The area which experienced the earthquake lies within Kham, one of Tibet’s traditional regions, and the town suffering considerable damage is Jyekundo. As part of the ongoing disinformation effort we can expect to see this tragic event being manipulated by the communist authorities to underline the fiction that this is Chinese territory, and also to promote soft propaganda images of Chinese troops helping local Tibetans.

Such cold-hearted duplicity and calculation will be used to mask the grim realities of China’s illegal occupation of Tibet and maximised as an international public relations opportunity. What will not be reported of course, once the tightly monitored and censored western media have returned to the relative comforts of Beijing and Shanghai, is that the repression, colonization, state violence and environmental exploitation of  Kham, and its Tibetan people, will continue.

Tibetans In Jyekundo Devestated by Today’s Quake

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