2 thoughts on “Tibetans United And Take Charge of Quake Rescue

  1. Molly Flanders says:

    This is excellent and totally the way it should be. under the circumstances, those being the Chinese resucue workers & PLA giving priority to Chinese buildings and their own people. while leaving the Tibetans to fend for themselves.

    Some people might say the situation shouldn’t be politicized by comments like this, but as the Tibetan needs are being neglected the situation is already political. Great to see the Tibetans taking charge of their situation. They really are the real heros in this tragedy.

  2. Molly Flanders says:

    And what a great boost it would be to them if the Dalai Lama was allowed to visit his home region. I wonder how long the CCP will tolerate his picture being displayed at the quake site?

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