Thousands More Chinese Women Suffer Forced Sterilizations


This is Ms. Meng Xiaosi, member of China’s communist party, Minister and Vice-Chairperson of National Committee on Women and Children under the State Council China,  and vice president of the All China Women’s Federation (ACWF), a national organization that enforces China’s notorious population control policies upon women in China, and occupied Tibet and East Turkestan. In March this year she was being congratulated by the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and Women’s NGOs attending the CSW Meeting in New York, ironically to discuss the supposed progress of the Bejing Declaration and Platform for Action (UN organized instruments to advance and scure women’s human, social, medical and economic rights).

She will no doubt be applauding the recent order (April 7  2010) to sterilize nearly 10, 000 women in China’s Southern Guangdong Province, in which have specialist population control units been coercing, arresting, detaining thousands of women, and performing almost 24 hour ‘birth control surgeries’  in an effort to meet population quotas demanded by communist China’s regime.  A report from Amnesty International UK noted that:

“Local officials aim to sterilise 9, 559 people by 26 April, some against their will, in a drive to meet family planning targets in Puning City, Guangdong Province, southern China…The local authorities claim that by the end of 11 April, the 20-day campaign had already met 50 per cent of its target. A local doctor, quoted in the Chinese media, said that his team was working from 8am until 4am the next day performing surgeries for sterilisation. Local reports suggest at least some people are not freely consenting to being sterilised

The ideological stormtroopers of  Ms Meng Xiaosi’s All China Women’s Federation infest every village, town and city, and  are responsible at a local level for the enforcement of the population program. Through a spiral of intimidation and coercion they trample over women’s human and reproductive rights to meet Government population targets, imposing fines, organizing education campaigns, withdrawing employment and housing rights, and if such bullying fails, forcibly sterilizing women.

As a leading communist Chinese Minister, with responsibility for women, and particularly her role in the All China Women’s Federation, would mean in all likely-hood that Meng Xiaosi has played a prominent role in planning and authorizing China’s latest population control tyranny, which has attracted international attention and condemnation from human rights organizations such as Amnesty International.

“Forced sterilisation amounts to torture, and it is appalling that the authorities are subjecting people to such an invasive procedure against their will. Reports that relatives are imprisoned as a means of pressurising couples into submitting to surgery are incredibly concerning. The Puning City authorities must condemn this practice immediately and ensure that others are not forcibly sterilised.” (Kate Allen Director of Amnesty International UK)

Such harrowing atrocities are all committed in loyal obedience to China’s communist party ideology. Anyone wishing to learn more about the ACWF is advised to read Susan Greenhalgh’s : Governing China’s Population: From Leninist to Neoliberal Biopolitics 2005 or  Chinese State Birth Planning in the 1990s and Beyond, Resource Information Center, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), US Department of Justice, Perspective Series, September, pp.77-79 –Attachment 17)

Ms Meng had addressed the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) which in March conducted its fifteen year review of the Beijing Declaration, a toothless instrument that, among a range of other areas, supposedly committed China to eradicate coercive practices relating to reproductive health. The sad and tragic reality is that since 1995 the abuses have continued, engineered and authorized by China’s regime. These have been ignored by the compassion-less eyes of the CSW and many women’s NGOs, who assembled to review the doubtful progress and achievements of the Declaration.

In advance of this review member states were invited to complete a questionnaire on the implementation (and related issues) to the Bejing Declaration; to which China was a signatory, having agreed by its ratification to eliminate coercive practices such as forced sterilizations. Beijing’s response was a masterwork of evasion and propaganda, that carefully avoided any reference to reproductive rights and its population program. See here:

The chilling reality is that as Ms Meng Xiaosi was deceiving the UNCSW and Women’s NGOs her colleagues at the All China Women’s Federation and Ministry for Population Control were coldly planning the mass sterilization of thousands more Chinese women in Guangdong Province! It is the duty of those committed to women’s human rights to stand up and challenge this latest terror waged against women’s reproductive freedoms and human rights, to join the campaign to expose the suffering of women in China, Tibet and East Turkestan.


2 thoughts on “Thousands More Chinese Women Suffer Forced Sterilizations

  1. Molly Flanders says:

    Will the UN commission be congratulating her for this?! And has she been sterilized herself, if so, was it willingly or forcibly??
    Probably not sterilized but relying on heavily state subsidized contraceptives only available to those in the inner circle like her. Does she even do it I wonder??????

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