China Throttles Foreign Aid To Quake Region

The recent Tibetan earthquake galvanized people around the world to extend whatever form of relief possible, donations, medical assistance, relief teams have been offered to the traumatized Tibetans of Jyekundo region in Kham. A number of aid projects have been established to repair the shattered lives and bring direct assistance, not an easy task given the degree of totalitarian control exerted by the communist Chinese authorities, which have cynically manipulated the situation for purposes of propaganda and politics. Recent reports have indicated that foreign aid is being actively blocked by the communist authorities. Of course anyone with experience of working within communist China will of course not be surprised by that reality, state intrusion and control permeate every aspect of society, none more so when an event attracts international attention. The fact the earthquake occurred in Tibet’s eastern region of Kham, an area with a long and proud tradition of resistance to China’s illegal occupation, meant what should have been an entirely humanitarian response, was from the start concerned more with security, political control and media manipulation. Such is the psychotic nature of the communist Chinese regime, ever fearful, suspicious and desperate to impose military order. The contrast between the open hearted compassion and concern of individuals wishing to offer support to the stricken Tibetans and China’s machinery of oppression could not be more stark, and highlighted the cultural and political differences between occidental liberal individualism and a totalitarian Chinese society, in which the demands of state ideology trample over individual and human rights.

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