The Altar Of Economic Interest


Seems this week’s US-China human rights dialogue (no that is not an oxymoron), has crashed into the buffers  Report Here with communist China’s representatives following the ideological line that there are no isses of human rights within communist China and that such subjects are an internal affair.  

We could not have expected anything else from a psychotic tyranny such as China’s, which has for decades responded to international concerns on its record human rights by arguing such as interference in its sovereignty. It has also peddled the line that human rights values are not universal, a position diametrically opposed to western liberal thinking on the rights of the individual, arguing that rights are the preserve of  the state, according to ‘special’ cultural and political cirumstances that prevail. In other words the communist Chinese regime is not obliged to honor any international agreements or United Nations Conventions and is free to brtualize and terrorize its citizens, and peoples of occupied regions such as Tibet and East Turkestan. 


Meanwhile, the United States economically enslaved to Chinese investment and trade, has for decades followed a  policy of so-called constructive engagement,  that has proved a spectacular failure in terms of moderating human rights violations in China (in reality the claim that such a policy would positively reduce violations was always a fig-leaf concealing the more vital issue of maintaining commericial relations between the USA and China). The human rights dialogue with China was forged from such economic considerations, more an instrument to manage issues that could conflict or undermine relations, than a forceful advocation of human rights that seriously challenges the communist regime’s catalogue of abuse and oppression. This is in part demonstrated by the accomodation of the State Department to negotiate with China, as if in terms of human rights concerns, there is some equitable comparison between China and the United States.

While there maybe areas of concern within the United States they pale in comparison to the machinery of oppression and violence inflicted by the communist Chinese state, for China to lecture the State Department on human rights is rather like the Hunchback of Notre Dame telling someone to sit up straight! However the political and economic demands of maintaining positive relations with communist China dominate all areas of policy, so it is that State Department officials correspond to the propaganda and denials of a regime that has the blood of countless people upon its hands.

Until such time as the United States has the political and ethical conviction to seriously challenge China’s record of violent oppression and abuse any dialoge on human rights will remain a vacuous diplomatic exercise only. As noted by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.):

“I don’t think [only] talking to them is enough. We need to treat [undemocratic countries] differently than democratic countries. We need to be tough rather than just have a dialogue. … The more you talk to them and don’t do anything, the more they take for granted that you do not mean what you say.”

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