Welcome To Marie Stopes Madame Sterilization

China’s Forced Sterilization Minister-Ms Li Bin


Communist China’s head of forced sterilizations, Ms. Li Bin,  has been over in England for the past couple of days and presented a talk,  Wednesday May 19, at Marie Stopes International’s (MSE) London headquarters.  No doubt the Minister of China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission was warmly received by the multi-lateral population agency, which works inside communist China, yet would appear oblivious to the horrifying women’s human rights violations caused by China’s coercive birth-control policies. Like its ‘sister’ organizations the United Nations Fund for Population and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, MSE though acutely aware of China’s program of forced sterilizations and forced abortions, which have traumatized countless women in China and occupied regions such as Tibet and East Turkestan, seems unable to offer a word of public condemnation, concern or opposition to such medical atrocties.  See PDF Article Here A protest was organized by Tibet supporters in England, although bizarrely organizers went out-of-their way to state that they were not targetting Marie Stopes International, an organization which by its silence, and open support of the Chinese population program, surely merits criticism and challenge? 

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2 thoughts on “Welcome To Marie Stopes Madame Sterilization

  1. How could anyone dare engage with the hideous policy which has such contempt for women. It says the sort of society we must be living in and which I personally am ashamed is now my country. We fought Hitler and his ghastly policies and now have welcomed someone of the same ilk here.

  2. This week, while the Marie Stopes ads were airing on British television, the advocacy group Tibettruth blasted the group for ignoring the “medical atrocities,” including forced abortion and sterilizations, committed against Tibetan, Uyghur and Chinese women in the name of “family planning.” Tibettruth participated in a demonstration against Marie Stopes at their London headquarters where the group was hosting Li Bin, the official responsible for enforcing China’s coercive one child policy.

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