Tibetans’ Rangzen-Walk Reaching Minnesota

Tibetan ‘Ambassadors’ Jigme Norbu and Tenzin Jamyang


What: Walk for Tibet (Destination: Minnesota) 

When: Memorial Day, Monday May 31, 2010
Time/ Where: 4pm at State Capitol
                      5:30pm at TAFM

After covering 600 miles, the ambassadors for world peace- Jigme Norbu* and Tenzin Jamyang+ will arrive at their final destination, Minnesota, on Monday May 31, 2010 (Memorial Day). They started from Indianapolis on Sunday May 9, 2010 walking through Chicago and Wisconsin. 


3 pm: Meet at TAFM parking lot to car-pool. 

4 pm: St Paul State Capital
(You can walk with them till TAFM)

6 pm: Felicitation at TAFM (1096 Raymond Avenue, St Paul, MN 55108) 

*Jigme’s father (Late Takster Rinpoche, brother of His Holiness the Dalai Lama) always said, Tibet belongs to Tibetans’ and Tibet has never been part of China.” Currently in Tibet, monks are peacefully demonstrating against the Chinese repression. Tibetan monks have also set themselves on fire to protest against six decades Chinese occupation. The Chinese military occupation and its use of force against civilian Tibetans is inhumane China has closed Tibet to tourists, in order to hide the brutality of their military aggression from the rest of the world. 

+Jamyang is dedicating this walk to the memory of his father, who spent his life fighting for Tibet’s Independence, as well as, the memory of all our brothers and sisters who have died in peaceful protest to the brutal suppression of Tibet by Communist China, for the past six decades.Also in dedication to all the victims and lives that were lost and suffering to all the families of the most recent earthquake tragedy in Tibet. 

Visit their website: ambassadorsforworldpeace.org/ 

Event jointly organized by TAFM, RTWA, SFT and RTYC 

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