China And Israel-The Untouchables


Anyone else noticed how the court of international political opinion swiftly condemns and judges any violations perpetrated by states considered as ‘rogue’.  Thus any human rights violations, or other atrocities, occuring in Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan receive the most forceful and damning  criticism, with more hawkish voices demanding trade embargos, international boycotts and even military action. Yet nations such as communist China and Israel who preside over a range of the most appalling human rights abuses and inflict unimaginable suffering and injustice upon the occupied lands of Tibet, East Turkestan and Palestine respectively, operate in arrogant defiance, and beyond the reach of international law.

These tyrannies (and that is what they are)  one convinced that a central creative being justifies its confiscation of another people’s land, the other peddling a false historical claim to legitimize its military annexation of a formerly independent nation, are shamefully indulged and excused by the United States, European Union and the United Nations. Their odious agression and violent suppression of peoples, either ignored or at best receiving critical platitudes and gesture diplomacy, as the oppression and assault upon people’s culture and national identity continues.

Israel’s muderous piracy in international waters, by its special naval forces, in which at least nine people were killed and many more injured, for daring to bring humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza was yet another troubling example. The UN Security Council requested an ‘impartial inquiry’ into the attack, calling for an  investigation to be “prompt, impartial, credible and transparent.”  Would the UN and international community have issued such relatively measured words had Iran carried such an action? Moreover has the United Nations forgotten already Israel’s callous indifference towards, and refusal to cooperate with the international investigation (the report of which was rejected by Israel’s government as prejudiced and full of errors)  into its bloody invasion of Gaza during 2008? Surely the UN was aware at the time of issuing a call for an inquiry that the Israeli authorities would not  permit any genuine and independent examination of this lethal military assault?

It is difficult to accept that key members of Security Council were not engaged in some form of sophistry and manipulation, redirecting focus away from the actual incident, and its clear criminality in terms of international and maritime law, and a number of international and human rights statutes, towards any subsequent investigation and outcome. Which,  as demonstrated by the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict resulted in a number of political divisions among UN member states, effectively distracting and diluting the impact of that report. Much to the satisfaction no doubt of Israel’s government.

Similar international fudging greets China’s violations and we only have to recall the muted response to the mass shooting and arrests of peaceful Tibetan demonstrators during the Independence Uprisings of 2008, or the protests by Moslem Uyghurs in Urumchi, East Turkestan to realize that (as with Israel) the communist  Chinese regime acts with impunity and in the knowledge that any response within the United Nations can be engineered or directed to suit its political purposes. How encouraged must Israel’s government have been to note the words of the then United State’s UN Ambassador , Alejandro Wolff, who reportedly stated that his government was “deeply concerned but emphasized that it remained unclear what had happened. Can we imagine the United States being so uncertain or merely concerned if such an attack had been waged against its citizens by North Korean forces? Like China’s Ministry of Propaganda (which is always quick to deny, obfuscute and evade)  Israel’s machinery of disinformation launched into action, portraying its elitite security forces; armed to the teeth and engaged in international piracy, as supposed victims, surrounded we were asked to believe by a group with sticks and using intimidating behaviour.  

To the shame of many compassionate and intelligent Jewish people  Israel has gone far beyond defending its identity and culture, and become a military tyranny, oppressing and killing those who dare to speakout for justice, freedom and humanitarian rights. In that context it shares some very disturbing features with Communist China, and like that draconian regime appears to operate without any international sanction.

3 thoughts on “China And Israel-The Untouchables

  1. cinder0 says:

    Sigh, they may be allies but their governments are NOT the same!
    I support the liberation of Tibet! They are untouchables but China’s the Untouchable that gets away with stuff, Israel’s the Indian type of Untouchable!

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