Yeterday’s News Should Not Be Forgotten

Israel’s Piracy On The High Seas


Curious isn’t it how the most iniquitous of actions with the passing of time, and aided by a inexhaustible flow of media information, fade from our minds. From a psychological perspective it’s of course a required function of mind to constantly process, recycle and relinquish data. Unfortunately that process also benefits those engaged in acts of violence, oppression and censorship, whose violations often escape meaningful investigation or censure as they enter the rapidly flowing stream of passing news. The ephemeral nature of such information also offers politicians the reassurance that no matter the hypocrisies and injustice of their actions, any moral outrage will distracted and diluted by yet another breaking story.

This consumerist journalism, with its twenty-four seven appetite, though offering instant reportage is often limited to the most superficial of presentation, while being subject to editorial agendas that often are influenced by various political and economic pressures. Not that surprising perhaps that such a process results in major issues being undermined, devalued and misreported. Tyrannies such as communist China or Israel, which are masters at media manipulation and denial, must be ever thankful for this process of collective amnesia and the media’s unwillingness to more fully and forcefully expose stories. While government offices such as the Department of State (and Foreign Ministries around the world) are equally grateful that public anger at major incidents of human rights violations, or other atrocities, are so quickly dissipated and diverted. Less pressure upon them to offer any meaningful response, which is seen as a diplomatic inconvenience particularly when dealing with states such as China and Israel that have such political and economic importance.

China's Stormtroopers Killed Hundreds of Tibetans During 2008


So it is that both the coverage and official reaction to the violent injustice perpetrated by those states, follows a predicable and cynical pattern, in which the most troubling events are reported with a Chinese or Israeli bias, to be quickly dropped from the bulletins, thereafter to sink into the abyss of memory, along with the promised actions of governments. Take for example Hillary Clinton’s assurances and demands for a rigorous, independent and transparent inquiry into China’s censorship and cyber-espionage of Google. Neither the mainstream media, nor the State Department appears to have followed-up China’s refusal to provide such cooperation, Of course they never planned to, but that story too escaped media interest. What concerted action has been forthcoming from the so-called international community following the killing and torture of hundreds of Tibetans during the 2008 Uprising for independence, or the massacre of Uyghur protesters by Chinese storm-troopers in Urumchi in 2009?

Uyghurs Massacred By Chinese Troops in Urumchi in 2009


Journalists having dutifully complied with the dictates of China’s media censorship, misreported those events as ‘riots’, then departed, only to repeat a similar process in covering Israel’s suppression of Palestine and the legitimate cause of its people. Israel’s violent piracy in international waters has been overlooked, unreported or concealed by mainstream news outlets, take for example one independent radio station, part of Ulster Television, which today reported Israel as intercepting a Gaza aid ship ‘which was approaching Israel’s blockade zone’. Like many other media reports this deliberately ignored the facts by choosing not mention that this action was a breach of international maritime law, occurring not with any claimed territorial waters, and violated a number of other human rights statutes. It has been extremely difficult to witness supposedly independent and unbiased reporters filing stories which soft-peddle or gloss over the blatant criminality of Israel’s actions, and their cynical attempts to deny the besieged people of Gaza desperately needed aid.

As with the odious actions of communist China, governments will be hoping that these acts of aggression will disappear from the public’s radar of concern. with the help of a largely servile and self-interested media they will make every effort to file this latest injustice into the archives of oblivion. It is up to those who value human rights, freedom and justice for Palestine, East Turkestan, Tibet. Kurdistan, Iran, and other oppressed peoples, to ensure that the truth is neither obscured or forgotten.

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