Britain Extends Perfidious Support To Tibetans

What sort of Alice-in-Wonderland politics prevails in which a governmental authority, representing those struggling for national freedom, goes against the aspirations of its own people by agreeing to the extinction of their national identity, the demise of their cause as an international issue and seeks a form of slavery (hereinafter referred to as ‘meaningful autonomy’) with an oppressive regime that violates and brutally suppress its culture and freedoms? Welcome to the inane and whacky world of the exiled Tibetan ‘Organization’ (formerly the Tibetan Government in Exile)  in which appeasing communist China and working for a solution, which would consign Tibetans to a very uncertain and dangerous future as yet another Chinese minority group, tramples uncaringly over the desire, courage, determination of six million Tibetans inside Tibet, who unlike their exiled Administration have not abandoned the dream of restoring Tibet’s independence.


Despite decades of violent tyranny, over a million Tibetan dead, forced labor camps, widespread torture, forced sterilizations, censorship, colonialist expansion and exploitation by communist China, the exiled Tibetan Administration holds firm to its politically suicidal belief that reason and compromise may be extracted through negotiation with the Chinese Regime. It has extended a number of proposals, the latest a so-called Memorandum On Meaningful Autonomy For Tibetans  which is in effect a document of capitulation that openly concedes Tibetans as Chinese and appeals to China for some autonomy under communist China’s law. Beijing is unmoved and remains highly suspicious, determined to secure all of its demands, that converge on one prime objective, for the Dalai Lama to legitimize Chinese rule over Tibet by admitting Tibet is part of China and ending Tibetan dissent against Chinese occupation. Yet the TGIE remains undeterred by China’s totalitarian intransigence, and thoroughly indifferent to the understandable opposition from within the Tibetan community. It seeks cold crumbs of comfort in the minutiae of such discussions, turning lead into gold at every opportunity, and desperately justifying its efforts by turning to international political support, as some evidence of the correctness of its failed strategy. Of course such endorsement conceals darker economic and political interests from states who value maintaining positive relations with China, and would happily see an end to the Tibetan issue, which proves an irritating and sensitive obstacle in terms of engaging with Beijing. Enter David Cameron, England’s Prime Minister, most recent ally of the Tibetan Administration’s policy of appeasing China. who has assured the the exiled Tibetan Administration that his Government:

Cameron Greets Communist Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang


“…will continue to urge the Chinese to make progress towards meaningful autonomy for Tibet. We will continue to impress upon the Chinese the importance of substantive dialogue with the Tibetan representatives in good faith. This is the only way to bring about a lasting and peaceful solution to the problems in Tibet. The Government considers that underlying issues can only be resolved through meaningful dialogue between the Dalai Lama’s representatives and the Chinese authorities. Our interest is in long term stability, which can only achieved through respect for human rights and greater autonomy for the Tibetans.”

This meaningless and cynical platitude was seized upon by exiled Tibetan Administration, who released a statement of appreciation on behalf of the Tibetan people for Cameron’s ‘support’ :

“In response to the felicitation to the newly elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom His Excellency David Cameron by the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, His Excellency expressed that: On behalf of all the Tibetan people inside and outside Tibet, the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile extends its sincere thanks for the supportive response.”

Given that Tibetans inside Tibet are facing Chinese guns, torture, forced labor and prison for demanding independence for their country it must surely be asked if they would be so pleased and appreciative of the crocodile support offered by foreign nations, that seek to extinguish Tibet’s nationhood, and ensure the termination of the Tibetan struggle.

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