Minister For Platitudes On Tibet

William Hague With Communist China's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi-Beijing, July 14, 2010.


As reports emerge today of a further two self-immolations near the Tibetan town of Ngaba in Eastern Tibet  and  continuing Chinese violence  targeting Tibetan monasteries, there are increasing calls upon governments to take a stand on China’s tyranny in Tibet. In England a campaign has been launched to lobby the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (equivalent of the State Department) which next week is to meet with Chinese officials, for what’s described as a Human Rights Dialogue. Unfortunately that department has a key strategic objective, the appeasement of China, so we can expect little genuine progress or forceful criticism!

Its leading minister,  William Hague, fulfils the required pilgrimage to Beijing to placate the communist Chinese regime and assure them of England’s continuing servility, an action demanded not least of all due to massive national debt, a not inconsiderable amount of which was generated by borrowing from China through the sale of UK Government bonds, in return for astronomical Chinese loans. Political and commercial relations have always driven Mr Hague’s Foreign Office policy towards China and despite the platitudes on human rights and Tibet; he told his Chinese counterpart, “We want to see long-term stability for Tibet, which in our view implies work on human rights and greater autonomy”, the English political establishment is callously indifferent to Tibetan self-determination and nationhood. While continuing to ignore the political objectives of the struggle waged by Tibetans inside Tibet, in favor of supporting the Dalai Lama’s proposal for accepting Chinese rule, that seeks a supposed improved autonomy.

Such hand wringing hypocrisy from William Hague derives from a long established tradition of English foreign policy that in essence does not give a damn about Tibet or its people, should there be any doubt on that, ask @WilliamJHague WHY his  Department continues to keep silent on China’s program of forced sterilizations, despite being acutely aware of those medical atrocities.


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