Greenpeace Throws Rice Over China’s Nuclear Nightmare


Greenpeace China recently trumpeted to the world that it had discovered within China’s rice mountain, (what colossal dimensions that must be!) grains of genetically modified rice. We can only imagine the dedication  and patience required to research, confirm and expose this issue, which causes considerable alarm to many, not least in terms of possible health and ecological impacts. No doubt Greenpeace have been congratulated for bringing to light this development, affecting as it does the staple diet of countless millions of Chinese people, clearly the organization has the welfare of China’s people and its ecology at its heart, right?

Unfortunately the picture is not so straightforward, yes Greenpeace campaigners have been wading through endless samples of rice to identify and report on the claimed dangers of genetically modified food, posed by the presence of modified rice in China, yet the same organization does not seem to apply the same energy, commitment and resolve into exposing and reporting upon China’s more tangible and present hazards. Exemplified most disturbingly by its nuclear pollution, which has contaminated considerable areas  across China, and occupied lands such as Tibet and East Turkestan.

On this issue Greenpeace is worryingly silent and has been for many years, despite being all too aware of the nuclear poisoning of those lands and the environmental and health impacts, which has polluted forever once fertile and productive soils, along with major  river systems. Nor it appears has it opposed  or criticised China’s uranium mining, which has resulted in various cancers and associated illnesses among Tibetans in Amdo and Kham (Eastern Tibet). Moreover the lands of East Turkestan have been transformed into a radioactive wasteland with high instances of congenital birth defects and widespread nuclear pollution, through China’s weapons testing, and also the dumping of radioactive waste from its nuclear industry. Still Greenpeace maintains a silence. It would seem the potential environmental and health questions of genetically modified food, as applying to China’s rice supply, is of far more importance (and less politically sensitive no doubt) than the ongoing nuclear poisoning of Tibetan, Uyghur and Chinese peoples.

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