Walk Alone Liverpool-With Your Head Held High


Liverpool’s soccer club faces a red revolution as reports emerge that communist China’s national investment arm China Investment Corporation (CIC), is set to purchase the club from its American owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks, who have presided over the club’s massive debt. No longer a sport of the common man man in England, soccer has come under control of big, and at times dirty buisness, with the Football Association and Premier League to regulate, what some commentators have questioned is a corrupt, and bankrupt game dominated by television, advertising and transfer finance. In an effort to addresses serious issues of ownership of clubs the English Premier League and the Football Association operates “fit and proper persons” assessment that promises more transparency over club finances and ownership, as part of a package of measures drawn up in response to English government calls for the game to “reassess its relationship with money”.

This development emerged after the serious concerns surrounding the purchase of Manchester City soccer club in 2007, which lead to a prominent human rights group lobbying the Premier League to challenge former President of Thailand, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra’s right to own Manchester City. Human Rights Watch (HRW) claimed that Thaksin was “a human rights abuser of the worst kind” and should not have passed the League’s ‘fit and proper person’ test. The allegations were denied by. Mr Thanksin and since then the club has passed into new ownership.

Mr. Jian-hua Huang


Well if Human Rights Watch had concerns regarding the human rights record of that individual one wonders what its position will be towards the prosppect of communist China becoming owner of an English soccer team? While there has been much spin to present the China Investment Corporation as being some form of independent operator, Liverpool fans should be informed that no organization, and ceratinaly not one tasked with globally investing China’s soverign funds, operates without the sanction, control or influence of the communust regime in China. In effect if Liverpool Chairman, Martin Broughton allows the sale of the club to Chinese businessman Mr Jian-hua Huang (called Kenny by his Western friends) then Liverpool Football CLub will become the property of Communist China, a totalitarian state that inflicts a wide range of human rights violations, including mass programs of forced sterilizations, violentlyoppresses the occupied peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan, while brutally suppressing free speech, civil, political and religious freedoms.

The English Premier League cannot in all good conscience ignore the harrowing atrocities and machinery of state terror that characterize the communist Chinese Regime, nor can the administration of Liverpool be so blinded by the prospect of economic security that ethical and moral values are abandoned in exchange for China’s blood money. The club and its fans deserve more than this.

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6 thoughts on “Walk Alone Liverpool-With Your Head Held High

  1. Molly Flanders says:

    Very surprizing HRW hasn’t said much about the forced abortions and sterilizations!

    CCP China are trying hard to extend their influence around the world, especially Nepal and African countries. And it seems they’re succeeding! Why not post this on HRW site and see if they take up the issue?

    • Indeed it is, but then again that is another story in the telling. However you are right, a good idea that HRW are made aware of this matter, as it relates to Liverpool’s soccer club, they stepped in previously so let’s hope they do so again. Maybe some subscribers/visitors to the site may choose also to send the page URL to HRW, we hope so, more presure the better.

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