Testimony Of A Tibetan Hero

Recently colleagues, who very ably run Tibettruth’s Twitter site, report that a small number of people appear to be uncertain, or confused, as to the nature of the Tibetan struggle, some articulating that Tibetans are protesting for rights such as language or economic or educational equality. Others have been tweeting on a video extract, showing the courageous 2007 protest by Khamba Tibetan nomad,  Mr. Ronggay A’drak,  that disappointingly failed to reveal that Ronggay didn’t just call for a return of Dalai Lama, but demanded Tibet’s independence.

Having taken that action, knowing the terrifying consequences, for western organizations and supposed supporters to carefully expunge reference to his demand for Tibetan national freedom is a sickeningly callous  betrayal of his sacrifice.

Ronggay A’drak Faced Chinese Torture To Demand Tibetan Independence


In a effort to clarify and confirm the objective of the Tibetan cause, as determined by Tibetans inside that occupied nation, Tibettruth presents the following testimony. Although this statement is from 2001, it is one of many incredible examples of resistance to Chinese rule that continues today, and is a valid and accurate reflection of what Tibetans in Tibet are struggling for: Tibet’s rightful independence, and the return of HH The Dalai Lama.

An Appeal from the core of my heart To His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and all fellow Tibetan brethren.

My name is Keri Nyima Drakpa (sked ri’i nyima grags pa) and I’m a Tibetan youth from Tawu County of the Kham region of Tibet. Just as the saying goes: “Although small, a marmot has all his physical attributes complete”, similarly, though I am neither a scholar full of wisdom, nor a man known for his wealth, I’m someone with a boundless love and concern for my own nationality. I have always been concerned with, and given much thought to, our nationality’s state of absolute backwardness and that under the oppression of the ruling classes, we don’t even have the right to use our own language etc. This represents a denial of human rights and deprives us of any degree of political authority. At the same time, having studied and absorbed the glorious historical accounts of how our ancestors had exercised political authority and ruled the country, I made a firm resolution that, if necessary, I would definitely sacrifice my own life for the sake of my nationality. Thus, with unfeigned sincerity, wishing that my fellow Tibetan nationals could enjoy proper freedom, and desperately hoping that a separate Tibetan country could be established, I wrote many posters demanding that, “ All Chinese should return to their hometowns and allow Tibet to be independent.”

I put them up on the end as well as side walls of the District Government buildings on 7th January 2000, 9th April 1998, 10th November 1999, 12th November 1999, 19th November 1999, 6th December 1999 and 29th December 1999. At the end of each poster I signed my name clearly. However, ill fated that I am, before I had managed to accomplish a single objective, my precious life seemed doomed to be ended at the hands of the cruel and repressive Chinese. Last year, on the 22nd of March, when I was in Lhasa, four members of the Tawu Public Security Bureau officers arrived and arrested me immediately. Right from the start, without even asking me a single question, they started beating me like beating a drum and rendered me incapable of uttering even a word. They gave me neither a mouthful of food nor a drop of water to drink, and immediately took me in a plane back to Chengdu. Upon arrival in Chengdu, they let a few Chinese police officers beat me up. Those reincarnations of the black devil himself, in the form of Chinese cadres, pinned me down and beat me so mercilessly that I became half dead and half alive. At the time, I fell unconscious.

When I regained consciousness, it was around eleven at night. I sensed that my whole body hurt with excruciating pain and it was impossible to move properly. In particular, I realised that both my legs had turned numb and were devoid of any sensation. Ten days after we had arrived in Tawu, they started interrogating me. Despite the intense and excruciating pain all over my body, ill fated though I was, I managed to tell them exactly everything that I deeply believe and feel in my heart, and acknowledged that I had indeed written all those posters. Therefore, last year on October 5th, the Court in Kardze Tibet Autonomous Prefecture, sentenced me to a prison term of nine years. However, I’m now in such a decrepit state that I cannot eat even a mouthful of food, and my legs, too, are rendered lame by the cruel Chinese. As such, I know that before long I am going to die. I am certainly not afraid to die. As the last breath of the life of this ruddy-faced Tibetan is about to cease, let this appeal be relayed to my maternal uncle, Jowo Kyab, or to fellow Tibetan brethren who cherish and value the interest and cause of our Tibetan nationality, to ensure that through the good offices of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, China’s bullying, cruel treatment and legal punishments of Tibetan people like me is made widely known among the international community of the world. And besides, I appeal to my fellow Tibetan brethren with whom I share the same flesh and bone, you must know and understand the truth about how China mistreats us through unreserved bullying, illegal and immoral actions. We must unite at all costs and rise up against China.

Keri Nyima Drakpa Dated April 1, 2001

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4 thoughts on “Testimony Of A Tibetan Hero

    • Gracias por tu comentario, sin embargo debe tenerse presente que Tibettruth es un foro para las cuestiones realting a Tíbet ocupado y la lucha para recuperar su libertad nacional, por lo que sus observaciones no han sido incluidos. Con la esperanza de que entienda nuestra política editorial. Saludos

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