We Want Tibetan Independence-Not Autonomy Under China


Tibet’s political leader has maintained efforts to reassure communist China that he is not seeking independence for Tibet, but is willing for Tibet to remain part of China, under its National and Regional Constitution, as long as some form of improved autonomy for Tibetans is assured and implemented. Of course the Chinese Regime remains highly suspicious and it is all too aware that while the Tibetan leader and his exiled Government may talk of compromise and surrendering Tibetan nationhood, inside occupied Tibet the resistance to Chinese rule continues, with an overwhelming desire among Tibet’s people for independence. This was graphically evidenced by the widespread Uprisings during 2008, which saw countless protests across occupied Tibet, which had two essential demands, Tibet’s independence, and the return of the Dalai Lama. Today the Tibetan leader issued another statement that sought to reassure China’s sensitivities over Tibet, in which he not only repeated the mantra of seeking to remain within communist China, but took a dangerous further step:

‘We do not want separation from China. It is the hardliners who want separation’ (Dalai Lama as reported PTI September 4, 2010)

Such comments appear constructed to appease the Chinese leadership, which continues to play hardball with efforts to progress negotiations, but what sort of message is this for the Dalai Lama’s own people inside occupied Tibet, who in the face of a brutal tyranny demand Tibet’s independence. What next we wonder? If this latest gesture fails to impress Beijing will Tibet’s political leader soon describe Tibetans who resist Chine rule as ‘seperatists’?

It is not ‘hardline’ to seek national liberation against an oppressive and vicious regime such as communist China’s, nor are the Tibetan people unreasonable  to demand their legitimate freedom and self-determinaton from illegal Chinese rule. The Dalai Lama knows that Tibet’s people have the right to determine their status and future, and that inside occupied Tibet the struggle against Chinese rule is an emphatic declaration that Tibetans demand, not ‘autonomy’ or remaining under China’s bloody maw, but independence (Rangzen).

Unfortunately in the vacuous and desperate attempts to seek reason and compromise from communist China Tibet’s exiled leadership has followed a policy of ever increasing surrender, that tramples over the political aspirations of Tibetans and is willing to abandon Tibet’s right to self -determination and independence, for the dangerous uncertainties of slavery (autonomy) under communist Chinese law. Given the immense tragedy that could result from such political suicide, we must surely ask in light of the nature and objectives of the Tibetan resistance if Tibet’s leadership can justifiably speak on behalf of 6 million Tibetans, when it states:

Although I have clearly articulated Tibetan aspirations, which are in accordance with the constitution of the People’s Republic of China and the laws on national regional autonomy, we have not obtained any concrete result. Judging by the attitude of the present Chinese leadership, there is little hope that a result will be achieved soon. Nevertheless, our stand to continue with the dialogue remains unchanged…..As a free spokesperson of the Tibetan people I have repeatedly spelled out their fundamental aspirations to the leaders of the People’s Republic of China” (emphasis added) (Extracts from March 10 Statement by HH The Dalai Lama 2010)

Many people will be asking what is meant by “Tibetan aspirations”? Does this refer to the wishes of the Tibetan people? If so what evidence supports an assertion that Tibetans inside Tibet are facing torture, prison and bullets for an aspiration, defined by and contained within communist China’s constitution? As revealed by the decades of resistance to Chinese rule, the common aspiration remains for national freedom and independence, a reality recognized by His Holiness: “I also know that every Tibetan hopes and prays for the full restoration of our nation’s independence” (HH The Dalai Lama March 10-1994). The incredible demonstrations of 2008 (and ongoing protests) reveal that the popular demand for Tibet’s independence has not diminished, if only Tibet’s Exiled Government had the same resolve!

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One thought on “We Want Tibetan Independence-Not Autonomy Under China

  1. ‘Anthony’, your comment has not been featured for three reasons:

    1) It was not addressing in any substantial or relevant manner the actual post.

    2) It was a regurgitation of the crude propaganda and lies used by China’s regime to attempt to legitimize its illegal occupation of Tibet.

    3) Your remarks support imperialism and colonization, processes which suppress freedom, justice and rights.

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