Clever EU Reject Tibet’s Nationhood

Peter Clever Opposed To Tibetan's Territorial Freedom

Peter Clever Opposed To Tibetan's Territorial Freedom


As Dharmasala’s autonomy-clones continue to promote the surrender of Tibetan nationhood they were no doubt heartened by the comments of a European Union politician, who while posing as a friend of the Dalai Lama, was actually endorsing a death sentence on a separate Tibetan national identity. Not that his presence at the headquarters of the Exiled Tibetan Government met any opposition, instead he was extended a hero’s welcome by the Tibetan Administration, who no doubt warmed to his support of the Tibetan leader’s Middle Way Approach.

Peter Clever, a European Union delegate informed his Tibetan hosts that:

“I think the Middle Path is the right way, – not to touch upon territorial questions. And I do it on the background of my personal German history,”

Presumably Mr Clever would consider that the people of Germany were entirely unconcerned with their territorial sovereignty and integrity, presumably the scenes of euphoria that swept across Germany as the Berlin Wall came down had nothing to do with the realization of a restored German territorial nation!

In addition to his heartless indifference of the political aspirations of Tibetans inside Tibet, who struggle for the very territorial and political independence Mr Clever appears so opposed to, he took pains to praise the comunist Chinese authority for so-called development inside Tibet. Apart from some question on educational opportunities the fact such ‘improvements’ are colonialist, imposed upon the Tibetan people, marginalise and erode Tibetan culture, and offer no genuine benefit to Tibetans did not appear to concern him.

” We saw there high investment in infrastructure to connect Tibet to China and to the outside world. We appreciate the investment in finance by the central government. But our major question is about investment in Tibetan people especially in education”

Of course the European Union is callously unconcerned with hopes of the Tibetan people for a free and united nation. Unlike the stinging critique of the Iranian regime of the Iranian regime and endorsement (September 8, 2010) of Iranian freedom,  its focus on China is to maintain and promote commercial and political relations, while offering hand-wringing platitudes on autonomy and the preservation of Tibetan culture. Cynical gestures designed to appease domestic concerns on Tibet within Europe, which though having an appearance of support, is little more than a cosmetic posture, calculated not to upset Beijing.

The brutalized people of Tibet have little to thank the European Union for.

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