Press Conference Marks 30 Years Of China’s Population Abuses

Harry Wu Tireless Activist For Human Rights In China


Thirty years ago today witnessed the introduction by commmunist China of its notorious ‘One Child Policy’. Since that time countless numbers of women across China, and occupied territories such as Tibet, East Turkestan, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria have been subject to a range of coercive measures which grossly violate women’s human and reproductive rights. The trauma, misery and physical suffering it has generated is incalculable yet this issue continues to be largely ignored, by an international political community more concerned with maintaining relations with an increasingly dominant China, than taking up the cause against China’s mass programs of forced sterilizations.

Congressman Chris Smith Addressing Today's Press Conference


This major human rights issue has curiously also been greeted with a callous indifference by women’s activists and non-governmental organizations, who despite articulating forcefully against a number of major injustices impacting upon women, remain shamefully silent on the medical atrocities so viciously forced upon their sisters in China, occupied East Turkestan and Tibet. Nor can women whose lives have been so violently blighted by communist China’s population policies expect any support from environmentalism. A school of thought that regards population reduction as an essential method of addressing environmental concerns, and appears to host within its ranks an ideology very tolerant of any measures to reduce population levels, even if that means infringing upon human rights!

Reggie Littlejohn-Women's Rights Without Frontiers


To mark this troubling anniversary the Laogai Research Foundation  (LRF) Executive Director Harry Wu will together with Congressman Chris Smith and Chai Ling, President of All Girls Allowed and Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers be presenting a Press Conference on Capitol Hill to condemn the three decades of abuse which followed communist China’s One Child Policy. As rightly noted in the LRF Press Release:

“This draconian policy has led to unknown numbers of forced sterilizations and abortions; the destruction of homes and other property; the growth of an underclass of unregistered children, mostly girls, who do not have access to education or health care; a shocking sex-ratio imbalance, as high as 130 boys for every 100 girls in some regions; and high suicide rates among women. Indeed, China is the only country in the world to report a higher suicide rate for women than men”

The Press Conference commences at 11.00 AM and takes place outdoors at the House Triangle, near the intersection of Independence Ave, SE and New Jersey Ave, SE. Any further information contact Megan Fluker at (202) 408-8300 or

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