No Show For Show Of Peace

Empty Seats In Beijing?


According to the theory of numerology (the ancient art of adding numbers to calculate your future husband’s divorce settlement) the tenth day, of the tenth month, of the tenth year is supposedly invested in all sorts of good fortune . A point in the cosmos when some tear in the curtain of  time space allows people on planet earth to benefit from a shower of positive results. Well here at Tibettruth our wishes would appear to have been rewarded on that momentous numerical moment. For nearly a year we have been campaigning forcefully to expose and oppose a concert which had been scheduled to take place in Beijing’s former Olympic Stadium yesterday. The troublingly called ‘Show Of Peace’  had, according to the organizers, attracted a number of musical heavyweights, although observers could be forgiven for noting a less than certain confirmation about a final line up. It appears from the beginning to have been beset with various challenges, not unusual you may think in the crazy world of rock and roll, this concert however entered a whole different arena, when after seemingly unable to be hosted in Geneva, a decision was made to stage the event in communist China.

Black Eyed Peas


A land where freedom of expression is controlled and suppressed by order of the state, in which people dare not express any dissent for fear of being tortured or banished to a life of hell in one of many slave labour facilities. A country in which women are subject to mass campaigns of forced sterilizations, censorship is the norm and executions are conducted on an industrial scale with fleets of mobile deaths vans ’processing’ the bodies of prisoners to profit from organ sales. Of all the nightmare venues the organizers could not have chosen a more for ethically unsuitable pace to host what was being promoted as an environmental concert for peace, concepts which under the tyranny of communist China’s regime, are viciously suppressed as dangerous and radical currents of thought.

Of course China’s propaganda masters are always quick to exploit any opportunity to enhance, manipulate or conceal and what better platform upon which to present China’s as progressive and caring nation (that was very difficult to type) than an international concert  endorsed and supported by a host of global celebrities and broadcast around the planet. No wonder it was to become the project of China’s Ministry Of Foreign Affairs! It had been scheduled  for April, the publicity machine rolled into action and various rock deities were invited to publicly record  their participation. Tibettruth too was highly active in challenging the wisdom of hosting this propaganda event within walking distance of Tiananmen Square, the scene of that bloody carnage when the flower of China’s students was gunned down by the state in 1989. We launched an awareness action, and along with colleagues on Tibettruth Twitter, exposed the serious questions the concert raised,  then a glint of hope as it was suddenly announced the event was postponed and cancelled until October 10.

Appeals were directed at many of the musical stars associated with the concert including: Black Eyed Peas, Beyoncé, Prince, Cold Play, Jimmy Page, Green Day, Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake, all of whom were asked to reconsider their involvement in what was a crass public relations exercise to boost communist China’s international image. There then followed several months of consistent lobbying and campaigning as the revised date approached. Our efforts received an interesting source of support when the Nobel Committee announced just a few days before the planned concert, that Mr Liu Xiaobo, prominent Chinese dissident, had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. An act which caused  a predictable political storm within the communist Chinese regime, that lashed out against the wider international community with its usual psychotic mantra about interference in its so called sovereign affairs.



Meanwhile with a stunning display of political idiocy, only possible within such totalitarian systems, it banned all foreign media reports on the award. It was denial on a massive scale, a specialism much favoured by the communist party of China. Here we had the very clash of values which Tibettruth had been highlighting in relation to opposing the so-called Show Of Peace, liberal political freedoms and principles of human rights against vicious totalitarianism and censorship. With the political debris of the Nobel award still causing anxiety for the communist Chinese regime and a world media focussed upon its every reaction, the auspicious date arrived, Sunday October 10, 2010. Yet Beijing’s Olympic Stadium was reportedly mute, across the internet there was a strange absence of news,  of what had been billed as a global event with an audience of untold millions. In light of the shattering silence and no news people were beginning to speculate if the event had been cancelled once more, speculation confirmed later in the day by the Chinese propaganda site Global Times



What is certain is that China’s leadership is acutely sensitive and paranoid about losing political face and the recent Nobel Award had set in motion a train of events in which China was rightly being examined and criticised for its appalling record of human rights  and censorship. Only this morning (October 11) China cancelled a planned meeting with a Norwegian Fisheries Minister in further protest, hardly a suitable political atmosphere in which the stage a duplicitous concert for ‘peace’. Placing the communist Chinese leadership in a defensive and aggressive corner, there was no tolerance available, not even for a propaganda show which sought to deceive the world that China was a force for peace and the environment!

We wonder if today there are a lot of people associated with that concert, with egg fooyung (芙蓉蛋) on their face? Having sacrificed any ethical concerns, by agreeing to collaborate with China’s regime, what now for those performers? Have they finally realized the stomach turning hypocrisy of associating ’peace’ or freedom with a totalitarian regime such as China’?  In the vacuum of news on what precisely happened there will no doubt be some press statement forthcoming from the organizers, along with China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is to be hoped that our collective wishes, for this event to be finally cancelled is realized, and that justice, human rights and freedom prevail over the censorship and oppression, that this concert sought to conceal. Meanwhile, our sincere appreciation to all our friends at Tibettruth Twitter for doing such a great job, have a feeling this issue will resurface shortly so don’t book any vacations just yet.

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