Update: Walk For Tibet In Canada

Jigme Norbu has now entered Canada having entered via the Ohio and Michigan border. With over 300 miles now behind him each new day brings various challenges, apart from the physical efforts involved in walking around 30 miles per day, including  a leaking RV roof which needed attention. Often walking until 8.00 pm the passing hours allow Jigme a lot of time to contemplate upon the dedication and patriotism of his late father, Takster Rimpoche, elder brother of the Dalai Lama, and the sacrifices and courage of fellow Tibetans inside occupied Tibet their struggle for national freedom. Travelling past endless fields of corn as he approached the Canadaian border Jigme is battling against foot-blisters, trying to reduce the pain by wearing double socks, although his determination for the cause of Tibet gets him through such discomforts. Thankfully Jigme is assisted along the route by his companiona,  Tai-la from Saigon, Vietnam who had a profound respect for the late Takster Rimpoche and decided to join the walk to express support for Tibet’s independence.

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