Delhi RTYC Press Statement On Student Protests In Occupied Tibet

The massive anti-government protests in Tibet’s Rebkong area on Tuesday 20th October 2010 has spread to other Tibetan areas in Qinghai province. Around 2000 Tibetan students took to the streets in Tsolho on Wednesday 21st October 2010 in protest against a government decision to replace Tibetan as medium of instruction by Chinese language in Tibetan schools.  “We want our Tibetan language,” chanted the students as they marched. Students of Tsolho Tibetan teachers’ training school were locked up in the school premises after the protest and denied food for the rest of the day, according to sources in Tibet.

As an expression of our support and solidarity with the Tibetan students inside Tibet in their quest for the protection of mother tongue, the Tibetan students in exile demand the Chinese government to stop this illegal and imperialist policy of cultural genocide and give us the freedom and equality of language.  The situation inside Tibet becoming more drastic due to political persecution, human right violation, environmental degradation and cultural genocide under the illegal and military occupation of communist China since 1949 onwards.

Therefore, we  appeal to the free and democratic conscience of peace loving people of the world to support us in real practical ways and don’t be silent spectators of a cultural genocide that going  on in Tibet at the hand of a ruthless, antidemocratic imperialist China. We also appeal to the governments of all the countries in general and Indian government in particular that please don’t compromise the liberty, justice and equality of oppressed people for just material gain. LET US CHOOSE COURAGE OVER CAPITAL

Released by RTYC Delhi October 22.2010

Grateful appreciation to RTYC-Delhi

2 thoughts on “Delhi RTYC Press Statement On Student Protests In Occupied Tibet

  1. Amitoj Singh says:

    The day will come when the neuighbouring Chinese govt will realise that they are doing a huge mistake since 1949. God is wtching it all and He will punish them… I have a special corner for Tibet and hope you all will get that place soon with your own government there.

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