Tibetans Storm Chinese Embassy Delhi

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Chinese  Embassy Delhi October 22, 2010

“It was not an usual scenario at the Chinese Embassy; RTYC Delhi led a student’s protest in front of the Chinese embassy to show their disagreement toward the Chinese government’s policy to change the medium of education in Tibet, from Tibetan to Chinese. The motive was clear as protesters shouted slogans like “we want freedom of language”, “give back the right of language”. It was chaotic but planned, and the whole uproar lasted for twenty minutes till every protester was held in police custody at Chanakyapuri police station. This protest also meant to signify our support to fellow Tibetan students in Tibet who are strongly but non-violently protesting and struggling for their ‘freedom of education’ and ‘freedom of language’. We may be separated by geographical regions but we are not divided. TOGETHER WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT!”

Statement Issued By RTYC Delhi

Thanks To RTYC Delhi For The Images

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