Update: October 26 Tibet Freedom Walkers Reach Brantford, Ontario

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October 26: Day16 for the Walk for Tibet’s independence has arrived in the Ontario town of Brantford, after another demanding day’s walking along the roads and highways having set out from Woodstock at 9am. Along the way Tibet’s freedom walkers stopped at a  Chinese store (see images) in order to use the restroom, unlike the generosity and hospitality Jigme and his companions have been receiving from so many people, the owners refused, callously unmoved by the explanation of what the walk was about. Perhaps they had seen the front story on a newspaper in their store (see image) which featured a full-page spread on the Dalai Lama’s recent talk in Toronto, that had invoked their prejudice.  Later on Jigme, Kunchok and Tai met an elderly Dutch couple who were very supportive of Tibet’s cause and even offered a donation. After a lunch of fruits and other snacks the walk pressed on with Jigme getting a warm welcome at another store, they reached Brantford that evening having completed some 27 miles and were treated to some very generous hospitaility from a local family, Colin Jim and Nina, who invited them for dinner and accomodation for the night. Next sop Hamilton.

Grateful appreciation to Kunchock, Jigme and Tai for images and reports.

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