Walk For Tibet’s Independence Update: October 27

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October 27. Day 17 of the Walk for Tibet’s independence. The freedom walkers set out from Brantford Ontario around 9am for their next destination of Hamilton, reaching there at 4pm. In the evening Jigme, Kunchok and Tai presented a talk on the Tibetan cause, and gave an insight into the challenges and experiences of the walk from Indianapolis. It was hosted at a nearby Tibetan-Buddhist center of Lama Yeshe’s and  was well attended with the audience having a chance to discuss the nature the  struggle for Tibet.  Jigme and his companions were hosted by Nyima and Debra and enjoyed their kind hospitality, a welcome change from the cramped conditons of the RV. Everyone is still in great condition as the final destination of Toronto is now just over a day’s walk away. Next stop Toronto and a rally outside the Chinese Consulate!

Grateful appreciation to Jigme la , Kunchok Gonpo and Tai la.

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