Update: October 28-Day 18 Walk For Tibet

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October 28-Day 18 Of  Walk For Tibet’s Independence Jigme, Kunchok and Tai completed the next stage  from Hamiltion to Burlington and late in the day reached Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They had rested late afternoon and returned to Brantford to present a talk to students of Laurier University, where Jigme and Kunchok talked about the walk, the human rights situation and history and culture of Tibet. Throughout the day Tibet’s freedom walkers were treated to tremdous support and generosity from local people, some of whom joined the walk for a short while and others offering food. The walk is continuing to generate local media interest too  While passing through it was a pleasant surprise for Jigme,  Kunchok and Tai to come across a Tibetan store too, and they spent a short break talking with owner Choenzom. In all around 28 miles of walking were completed and  now Jigme and his companions prepare for the final day into Toronto and the rally outside the Chinese Consulate. Stay Tuned!

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