Central Tibetan Administration: The Way To Capitulation

Lodi Gyari-Envoy Of Surrender


“Our Memorandum puts forth our position on genuine autonomy and how the specific needs of the Tibetan nationality….

(Editor’s note: this is a communist Chinese propaganda term which acknowledges Tibetans not as a distinct people, but an ethnic group within China. The Tibetan Administration now concedes to China’s lie that Tibetans are Chinese?)

…for autonomy and self- government…

(Editor’s Note: The Tibetan Administration knows very well that in occupied Tibet their compatriots are resisting Chinese rule, NOT for autonomy or equal rights,  BUT for national independence. yet Gyari cynically distorts that truth)

….can be met through application of the principles on autonomy of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, as we understand them. It outlined 11 basic needs of the Tibetan people, which are provided for in the PRC’s Constitution and Law on Regional National Autonomy.”

(Editor’s Note: These so-called needs, as defined by the Central Tibetan Administration, are not the political objectives and common aspiration of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet, whose ‘needs’ are for an independent nation. Clearly not an objective within China’s national laws)

The biggest concern of the Chinese leadership is the legitimacy of its rule in Tibet. The Chinese leadership knows that only one individual, the Dalai Lama, has the capability and authority to provide that. His Holiness is aware of the People’s Republic of China’s concerns and sensitivities. For this reason we have conveyed directly to the Chinese leadership, and His Holiness has also publicly stated, that he stands ready to lend his moral authority to endow an autonomy agreement, once reached, with the legitimacy it will need to gain the support of the Tibetan people and to be properly implemented. ” (Emphasis Added)

(Source: The Way Forward (sic) on Tibet – Special Envoy Gyari, November 25, 2010)

If treachery can be considered a particularly toxic form of betrayal, then these latest declarations of appeasement can be rightly considered treacherous to the common aspiration for national independence of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet. This insane surrender must be exposed and challenged by Tibetans and those who genuinely support the struggle for Rangzen, before Tibet, its culture and people are abandoned completely to an unjust and dangerous fate under the tender mercies of communist Chinese rule.

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