FIFA, Don’t Let China’s Ugly Regime Host The Beautiful Game

Craig Reedie IOC Executive Member Claimed China Was More Free

“Since the Games were awarded to China we have seen significant advances and I have no doubt it is a better, freer country than it was in 2001,” he says. “There is significantly greater freedom of movement and the media (sic). There have been significant reforms of the labour laws, action on pollution and the judicial system has also seen some reform. Craig Reedie IOC Executive Member (Emphasis Added) The Guardian  March 3, 2008

In an effort to diffuse justifiable international concerns regarding China’s hosting of the 2008 Olympics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched a public relations assault to convince a disbelieving world that, as a consequence of granting the games to Beijing, a moderating influence would be exerted and  human rights improved. Such ‘reassurances’ were of course entirely cynical, and those who manipulated media reportage on the issue were acutely aware that the oppression, censorship, violations and brutal occupation of Tibet and East Turkestan, would not in all reality be reduced. The same year witnessed inside occupied Tibet a national Uprising for independence, which was viciously suppressed with countless Tibetans, killed, tortured and jailed.

The spilled blood barely dry, as snake-like assurances about the Games improving freedoms were exposed as bogus and self-servingly hollow. There was never any prospect of ethics prevailing over commercial and political interest in conferring the 2008 Olympics to China, nor were the platitudes on human rights from the IOC and its supporters genuinely concerned with expressing solidarity with the millions suffering violent suppression as a result of China’s regime.

Such is the extent of China’s economic allure and political influence, it’s tyrannical violence is shunted into some dark siding of indifference by the ethically bankrupt, more concerned with maximising the commercial opportunities offered by collaborating with the Chinese Regime. Supported by colossal public relations resources, and assisted by a servile media, any concerns expressed in terms of human rights or freedoms of peoples, are marginalized, ignored or dismissed by asserting improvements supposedly arising from engaging with China.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter In Beijing 2008


It is a thoroughly threadbare and cynical fabrication, designed to condescendingly assuage public criticism, yet as evidenced by the violent suppression in occupied Tibet and East Turkestan,  the communist regime in China is a serial abuser, whose psychotic excesses will not be moderated by so-called constructive engagement, nor awarding international sporting competitions, no matter how prestigious. Which brings us to events in Zurich on December 3 this year, as soccer’s international body, FIFA announced the countries hosting the 2018 and 2022 World Cup respectively.

That decision generated excitement enough, and disappointment for England, who had somewhat arrogantly considered their bid was a done deal. Of more interest to those concerned with human rights and freedom, was a remark made by President of Fédération Internationale de Football Association. In an appeasing rewrite of history, Mr. Sepp Blatter added insult to the injury of the English failed bid, by reportedly claiming the game did not originate on the industrial fields of Victorian England, but was seemingly  invented by ancient China

FIFA Head (Center) Gets Red Carpet Treatment From China


With a futuristic eye on the 2026 or 2030 World Cup there has been much talk within soccer’s international governing body of awarding the competition to China, an event which no doubt will appeal greatly to the Chinese communist party, as yet another opportunity to promote its sickening propaganda that peddles the fiction of China as a progressive and civilized state. It is not difficult to imagine the FIFA hierarchy as honoured guests, while beyond the cheering crowds and flag waving soccer fans, the agonies inflicted by electric cattle prods will continue to terrorize those who express dissent or a demand for freedom and human rights.

Direct Action

If you are concerned at the prospect of the beautiful game being tainted by association with China’s oppressive and violent regime and wish to express your opposition then please help us by emailing your country’s FIFA representative, and request them not to support any move to award China the World Cup.

Details of FIFA Country Representatives Here:

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