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Exposing The Horrors Of China’s ‘One Child’Policy

Tibettruth wishes to applaud the tremendous work of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers for its determined researches and campaigining to expose and challenge China’s coercive birth control program and the harrowing atrocities it inflicts upon women in China and occupied lands such as Tibet and East Turkestan. As part of ongoing efforts to increase awareness and understanding WRWF has produced a short video on this major human rights issue.

“Here is our new video exposing the truth about China’s One Child Policy, and what Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is doing about it.  Please take 4 minutes to watch it.  Also, please feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.  Encourage your friends to sign the petition as well. We’d really like this video to “go viral”; we have plans to translate it into Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, and other languages.  The world must know”  Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

Will the recently launched UN Women, or women’s NGOs feel sufficiently moved to take action and oppose such violations, or shall we witness during 2011 the same shameful silence and evasion which has characterized the response of so many women’s organizations and activists. The traumatized women of China, whose human rights are so viciously violated by the horrors of forced sterilizations, deserve urgent and concerted support from those who claim so loudly to be champions of women’s rights.

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