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Day 17 For TYC Three-Hunger Strike For Tibet

Former TYC President, Lhasang Tsering (Seated in White) Visits Hunger Strikers


“Today was a very special day for us. We had a surprise visit by Gen Lhasang Tsering la and wife in the morning from Dharamsala. Our eyes became moist and it was a very emotional moment.

 Then Christina Olszewska, First Secretary at the Polish Embassy paid a surprise visit to express their support and said that, “the Polish people support the Tibetan people with all their hearts in their rightful cause.” The Sunday Guardian paid a visit and interviewed the President. In the evening, Vijay Kranti, the veteran Tibet supporter stopped by. An encouraging aspect of this campaign is to see a stream of young graduates from Mangalore and young professionals in Delhi who came to express their solidarity. Despite the initial awkward moments of not knowing what to say and do, they hang around and look for things to do. So they end up cleaning and organizing the tent. This is the endearing aspect of the struggle; to see the younger generation taking initiatives and getting involved and sensing their role in the struggle.”



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