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URGENT: Global Solidarity Hunger Strike With TYC Three

Can You Join This Action?


འཛམ་གླིང་ཆིག་སྒྲིལ།་ ཟས་བཅད་ངོ་རྒོལ་གྱིས་ལས་འགུལ།།་།།

…with the TYC Executives on Indefinite Hunger Strike in India

Calling all Tibetans and supporters across the world to join the ‘Solidarity Relay Hunger Strike’.
Starts on Sunday, May 15, 2011 and will continue in tandem with the indefinite hunger strike in India.

Our 3 brothers (Dhondup Lhadarla, Konchok Yangphella and Tenzin Norsangla) have been on continuous hunger strike since April 25, in the sweltering Delhi heat to protest the ongoing lockdown of Kirti Monastery and brutal crackdown on people of Ngaba, Tibet including monks


Pick a day or maybe more from May 15th to join the hunger strike relay in our own areas. Help build awareness, educate and speak out.

Solidarity with our 3 brothers on indefinite hunger strike in India.
Stand against the ongoing brutal clampdown in Kriti Monastery.
Speak out for the innocent lives lost in Ngaba.
Show the Chinese regime that Tibetans can’t take

(*If you or an organization is interested in organizing this campaign, for more details please contact: )

Campaign contacts and details:

New Delhi, India
Contact: Tenzin Wangchuk: 9891754522
Venue: TYC Hunger Strike spot Jantar Mantar (nearest metro Patel Chowk, Yellow line) from 5:30 pm

Contact: NgaDolkar 763-639-4616
Venue: Gyuto Wheel of Dharma Monastery

New York/ New Jersey
Contact: 917-355-0258 or 917-5585751

Contact: RTYC Toronto

Washington DC
Contact: Tenzin Lhadon 202-378-0740
Venue: Outside the White House
Between 1600 Pennsylania Ave NW and Lafayette Park

Venue: West Lake Downtown from 10 am

San Francisco
Contact: Namgyal Tsephel 510-710-0670

Contact: (802) 777 0206, (802) 734 7113.

Contact: Kunchok Gompo 608-513-4808

Since the illegal occupation of Tibet by China in 1949, face-off between China’s oppression and Tibetan’s uprising has never ended. On March 16th 2011, Phuntsok, a 20 year old monk from Kirti Monastery in Ngaba, Tibet, self-immolated to protest against continuing occupation and suppression by the illegal Communist Chinese regime. His sacrifice has unmasked the true face of the illegal Communist Chinese regime and thus the Chinese government has launched the so called “patriotic re-education” campaign and deployed hundreds of military personnel in and around Kirti Monastery.

The Chinese authorities have imposed a severe lockdown and armed guards are patrolling in and around the monastery completely restricting the movement of monks to go outside and the pilgrims to visit the monastery to pray and offer food to the monks resulting in food crisis in the monastery.

Local residents of Ngaba learned on April 12th that the Chinese authorities were planning to forcibly remove monks from the monastery and blocked the entrance. The armed police tried to break through the crowd by severely beating the people and unleashing trained dogs in the crowd resulting in many bitten by dogs and injured. The restricting of food access to the monks and unleashing of trained dogs in the crowd is the most barbaric act in this century and complete violation of human rights.

This not only amplifies China’s so called “Liberation of Tibet” is indeed occupation and such barbaric acts further proves that China in the name of “Liberation” is suppressing freedom of the Tibetan people and denying religious freedom.

On April 20th 2011, at least 800 Chinese government officials arrived at Kirti Monastery in Ngaba, Tibet, to re-launch rigorous sessions of “Patriotic re-education” campaign. During the session, monks were tied to trees and severely beaten and threatened stating, “we have the power to crush all of you in a minute if you didn’t obey us”.

On the night of April 21st 2011, when the Chinese armed forces forcibly removed over 300 monks from the monastery, many local Tibetans who have been camping near the monastery to protect the monks intervened and many were severely beaten resulting in the death of 60 year old Dhonko, 65 year old Sherkyi and an unidentified person.

Thus, Tibetan Youth Congress launched an Indefinite Hunger Strike from April 25th 2011 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.
We stand in complete solidarity with them.

Our Demands
1. Immediate withdrawal of the so called “Patriotic Re-education” campaign and Chinese troops from Kirti Monastery, and to unconditionally release all political prisoners including those arrested recently from Ngaba

2. Access for Tibetan Youth Congress delegation to assess the situation of political prisoners inside Tibet

“We appeal to the world governments and non-governmental organizations to recognize and support the historical status of Tibet as an Independent nation”

Appreciation for the information/image and respect to TYC CENTREX, RTYC Minnesota RTYC Rohini and all those individuals who have organized this action.

3 thoughts on “URGENT: Global Solidarity Hunger Strike With TYC Three

  1. I’m on day 2, for Global Solidarity Relay Hunger Strike . I’m not setting a time limit on myself. I will continue until I feel I no longer can.

    1. Wonderful to see your support for the TYC Three Hunger Strikers. Please keep us posted on your thoughts, developments and why you chose to take this action.

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